Poll: How fast will the Xiaomi Mi3 sell out this Monday?

On October 15th Xiaomi will begin sales of the much-anticipated Nvidia Tegra 4 powered Xiaomi Mi3. We expect the Mi3 to sell out fast, but just how fast?

Xiaomi are masters at marketing and creating demand. Their whole approach is to build so much anticipation that when they finally do launch a product it is guaranteed to sell out, and usually within just a few minutes! The explanation behind this is that they don’t want to manufacturer to many of a single phone and be left sitting on unsold stock, a good reason from a business sense and this also helps explain the companies low retail prices, but it can still be infuriating to customers.

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This coming Monday (15th October) at 12 noon, the China Mobile version of the Xiaomi Mi3 will go on sale. 100,000 handsets are up for order and judging by their recent 2 minute sell out of the Hongmi for the same amount, we believe the Mi3 could be out of stock even faster!

So how fast do you think the Xiaomi Mi3 will sell out?

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