Oppo N1 meets the Samsung Galaxy note 3, just how big is the N1?

Oppo shocked quite a few with the launch of the Oppo N1! It is safe to say that many were surprised by a few of Oppo’s choices not to mention the overall size of the phone! So just how big is an N1? Take a look at these comparison photos with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

While the innovation aspect of the Oppo N1 is more than impressive, the girth (need to mount that rotating camera) and overall length have left may wondering if the N1 is just to big to handle!

Dimensions of the Oppo N1 are 170.7 x 82.6 x 9mm and it is no lightweight either at 213g. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which has a slighty smaller 5.7-inch AMOLED display and a size and weigh of 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm 168g (with S pen stylus), the N1 looks monstrous on paper, but what about in the flesh?

As it is going to be a few months before most customers outside of China will see an actual N1 it is handy to see it compared to a phone you can go and see. Below are photos of the Oppo N1 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Oppo N1, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comparison photos

oppo n1 vs samsung galaxy note 3

Right off the bat it is clear that the Oppo N1 is much bigger than the Galaxy Note 3, not just a little longer but longer by a large margin!

oppo n1 vs samsung galaxy note 3 5

The extra screen size on the N1 and extra space needed for those rotating camera hinges also make the N1 wider. Oppo have tried to disguise this by giving the display a black outline giving the appearance of ultra narrow bezels when the screen is powered off.

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oppo n1 vs samsung galaxy note 3

While Samsung have clipped the chin of the Note 3 down to keep size down, Oppo have given the N1 a stylish curved area with a large button area. Does it necessarily need to be so big though?

oppo n1 vs samsung galaxy note 3

The Note 3 is not a small phone but the Oppo N1 dwarfs it in this last photo.

oppo n1 vs samsung galaxy note 3

So are the innovative rotating camera, rear touch panel, and slightly larger display enough to compensate for the wide, long and heavy body of the Oppo N1?

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