Video: Meizu MX3 Hands on! Review coming soon

We seen some stunning phones launch in China. Over the past few weeks we have seen the launch of the Xiaomi Mi3, Oppo N1 and the Meizu MX3! And not it’s the Meizu’s turn for a hands on and review. already posted a great exclusive video and review of the Xiaomi Mi3, not it is the turn of for an exclusive hands on review of the Meizu MX3. The full review is coming soon, but for now you can enjoy these photos and unboxing video.

meizu mx3 hands on review video

This model is the 32GB version meaning it has all the same great features as the 64GB and 128GB including the 8-core Samsung Exynos processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM and NFC, a 16GB version is also available but it lacks NFC.

Meizu MX3 specifications

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Meizu MX3 unboxing Italian

Meizu MX2 unboxing English

The full Meizu MX3 will be published in the coming days so please keep posted. Anyone who is interested in buying the MX3 in Europe could get in touch who sell Meizu products in Europe and are offering GizChina readers a discount when using the following promotional code: GIZMEIZU.

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