Xiaomi sells $90 million worth of phones, with a little bit of...

Xiaomi sells $90 million worth of phones, with a little bit of help from Hugo Barra


When Hugo Barra left Google for Xiaomi in October he knew things were going to be different, but did he know Xioami would have him working in the warehouse packing orders?!

To get a taster of the hectic life of a Xiaomi warehouse employees life, Hugo Barra was invited to take part in the action and help pack and ship Xiaomi phones to their new owners during yesterdays Xiaomi Singles Day sales. Barra took to the warehouse floor in a Xiaomi hoodie and showed off his packing skills to help ship 1 of 380,000 phone sold in the day long sale.

hugo barra Xiaomi warehouse gif

In total Xiaomi managed to rake in $90 million yesterday after selling a combination of flagship Xiaomi Mi3 phones, mid range Xiaomi Mi2S, entry-level Hongmi and Xiaomi’s Android set top box.

[ Hugo Barra ]
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  • Sasha

    Why do they put the phones on a scale? 😀
    So they can check if some stuff has been forgotten during the packing process?

    • MacManas

      I believe the scale weights the parcel and print the stamp with the appropriate value. Nothing to do with double check, but more related to paying correct ammount to the postal service

  • Peter Pan


    What is wrong with this website? Does it support censorship or what? My comments are always rejected.

    And what kind of news is this? Pure PR? Hugo working like that, dont make me laugh.

    I hope to get a normal response on why Im blocked from leaving comments here.

    Greetings from a free country 😛

    • First time I’ve seen a comment of yours for moderation…

      • Peter pan

        I’ve posted here bfore, but now I can only post through a proxy server on this site

        • Peter Pan

          Ok, and that one got accepted, kind of strange, but it has been about 3-4 weeks in which I was able to type my comments and then let the website process them and then nothing would happen after.

          Seems working now 🙂