Rumour Octa-core Allwinner A80 score 40,000 on Antutu?

Allwinner A80 octa-core back in the spot light with rumoured 40,000 point Antutu score!

China’s Allwinner are back in the news again this week with their octa-core A80 chipset which has reportedly scored 40,000 points in Anuttu! News of Allwinners’ 8-core chipset comes less than a week after Mediatek officially launched their MT6592 processor, however the rival SoC’s have a number of differences such as he architecture they are based on. The Taiwanese MT6592 chip is based on Cortex A7 while the Chinese Allwinner uses 8 x Cortex A15 cores! Other differences include the GPU which is though to be a Mali T6XX or T7XX on the A80.

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With a score of 40,000 points this put’s the Allwinner A80 well above the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in terms of performance, but we only have the word of Allwinner to go on we’ll wait to see real evidence before breaking out the champagne!

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  1. Hugo
    November 26, 2013

    Efficiency + temperature? 😉

  2. Xiaolu
    November 26, 2013

    Rumours claim Allwinner’s A80 octacore flagshipps batteries will last “at least” the time needed to run an Antutu test…

    • Charles Dexter Ward
      December 11, 2013

      Awsome comment! XD

  3. Vijay
    November 26, 2013

    RUMOR !!!!!
    Why report rumors and surmises ???

  4. jotapelessa
    November 26, 2013

    amazing !

  5. yudhir
    November 26, 2013

    *Needs to be plugged in to use.

  6. Guest
    November 26, 2013

    I am seriously doubting this in a few different ways. If it is an 8-core, it must have a full HMP kernel that can switch between 1-8 cores powered up. Otherwise you’d need at least 5000mAh battery to get even half-way decent life out of it.. unless maybe it is designed for TVs and other always plugged in devices. You’d also need a passive heat sink even with selectively powered cores.

    The graphic for that processor, in the middle section, shows the image that is usually used to represent a big.Little design. It only says A15 where the text would normally list both cores .. but it is possible that it really is just celebration that their 8 core solution has A15 cores in the mix, as opposed to MediaTek’s.

    And 40,000 in AnTuTu is both high and low. It is very high for a big.Little 4+4 design — it might have a killer GPU (the source says it has a Power VR but doesn’t list the specific version .. anything over 6300 would make this possible) .. or killer memory subsystem. Or it is very low for 8 all-A15 cores — unless maybe they are significantly underclocked (maybe that is how they are avoiding the need for a heat sink).

  7. Roberto Tomás
    November 26, 2013

    The chinese-language source claims only in the title of the article that it scores over 40,000 in AnTuTu: 国产八核处理器再曝光:A15架构 跑分超4万 “Domestic eight-core processor has demonstrated: A15 architecture ran over 40,000 points”

    they also claim basically to not know the GPU — something next gen and that can shrink to 20nm.

    they are very firm that it is definitely besting current-gen cpus, and that it is 8 core all A15s. There are contrasting comparisons in the source between this architecture and 8 core A7s or 4+4 big.Little designs: so it is crystal clear, definitely 8 core all A15s. At least at this point (if they go to 20nm, I think they might have to change to A12s).

    they also claim that for heat reasons they may have to wait and do it at 20nm. This suggests that it is a test chip that was not plugged into a physical design with any TDP.

    • zaikatanox
      November 26, 2013

      I really hope it’ll be indeed as good as advertised. The potential is enormous. Even Tegra 4 only has 4 A15 cores :O If MediaTek’s A7 octa-core can score low 30,000s, it should not be that hard for 8 A15 cores to score in the high 30,000s.

      • Roberto Tomás
        November 26, 2013

        I think it will be 8xA12s, somewhat late next year, offering roughly ~50k. Anything less than 70k (at 20nm and A12s) means they had to underclock the chip for TDP or battery considerations.

        Such a score is not particularly impressive for 8 A15s with no TDP constraints at present.

        • Troll
          November 28, 2013

          What you are doing wrong is you are comparing a15 chips with snapdragon chips. Snap dragon dosent uses a15 architecture, there is no single a15 chip which performs better than qualcomm chips. What we see as best a15 chips are 4 a15+ 4 a7 from samsung and 4 a15 from nvidia. They both suck because of low clocks. Snapdragon is inly cpu family which can reach to 2.5k currently. Yes with a claimed T7xx gpu score is so low. 40k? its just a joke for 8 a 15 with specially that gpu. First i did hear that would use for 4+4 than they claims they are going for 8 a15. Even their quad core a31s a7’s score around 3066. I do give them credit for their linux support its a giant plus for allwinner in my eyes. But dont wait them to bring the technology close the edge. They couldnt build anything right untill now. I dont think it will be changed. They are bad at hardware. What ever they do is the most inferrior of the family. So 40k might be true. Again, i prefer to use an undercloked 8 a15 with mali T7xx over 8 a7 mali 450. At the the what is important is price performance. Dont wait from them to produce best cpu avaible in the world. But best p/p with latest enhancements in the cpu world is ok. Personally i think 8 core a7 with m450 is just an insult. Mediatek should moved to a 12 already.

          • Roberto Tomás
            November 28, 2013

            hmmm. First, I think the “over 40k” score they reported might represent a current gen, even slightly mediocre GPU, 8 A15 cores, and typical ram. It also has no thermal design constraints. AnTuTu’s scores are made up of three parts: GPU, CPU, and Memory subsystem. So take a typical score from current designs — 32k. Roughly speaking, one third of that is the gpu, 1/3 is memory, and 1/3rd the cpu. (32 * (1/3) * 2) + (32 * (2/3)) = ~42.5k .. voila.

            Second, I definitely agree with you in a couple of points. I agree, at least in principle, that using Qualcomm Krait cores (snapdragon cpus) interchangeably with regular A15 cores would be wrong. But I’m not referring to any Snapdragon cpu .. not anywhere in this thread.

            I also agree that the switch from the Power VR 6200 that MediaTek had in their mid-year MT6592, to the Mali T450-MP4 @ insanely-high clock speed is a real surprise, and I wish they hadn’t done it: just because it was cooler when they had the same gpu that Apple would use a few months later in their A7. Still, the gaming videos I’ve seen look off the hook.

  8. Raghav
    February 25, 2014

    Any phones that have this processor : A80 octa?

    • February 25, 2014

      This processor if for tablets only