Chinese App Helps Users Hook-Up on the Subway

Meeting someone new isn’t always easy. Once the forced social interaction of school is over it can be difficult to find someone who shares the same interests as you. Bars and nightclubs are just about the only established, traditional venue for young adults to meet and mingle. But what if you aren’t interested in that scene? What if you are looking for a partner that you have more in common with than just picking the same watering hole?

While sharing the same work commute might not be the best indicator of a compatible mate, a newly released Chinese App for Android and iOS called iZhantai, is betting that people will be interested in finding one that way. iZhantai, which translates to “iPlatform” in Chinese, allows users to find the object of their heart’s desire based on Subway locations and their commute to work.

Users simply put in the closest subway station to their work and home and iZhantai shows them compatible mates that share a similar commute. Users can also post to an in-app bulletin board and send virtual gifts by paying a small in-app fee.

Perhaps it is my Western, media induced, paranoid mind but the app does seem to raise some safety concerns, especially for women. Posting your daily work commute, complete with locations and times, seems like it would be the holy grail for potential stalkers, or worse.

What do you think, would you be willing to share your daily travel schedule for a chance to hook up on the subway? The App is available now on iTunes and the apk for Android can be downloaded on iZhantai’s official site.

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