Oppo celebrates the Oppo Find 5 birthday with an Oppo Find 7 teaser!

Oppo’s wonderful Find 5 is almost 12 months old now and to kick off the celebrations Oppo have released a Find 7 teaser.

The Oppo Find 5 wasn’t only just the first 5-inch 1080, quad-core phone for the brand, it was also one of the first on the market. In fact Oppo’s flagship smartphone could be reason for the whole 5-inch, quad-core market direction other phone brands decided to take for 2013!

The Find 5 is still a great phone and is selling well with new customers discovering the brand all the time, but even great phones need to be replaced. Today on Oppo’s Facebook page a Find 7 teaser image was posted. It shows the sun rising over the mountains, suggesting that the ‘dawn’ of the next generation of Oppo phone is almost upon us.

With the image Oppo have add the hash tags #find7 and #alwasyimprove, so what improvements could the Find 7 bring?

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