Damn you Gionee! Why have you made the Elife E7 Camera so good!

Just as I have made my mind up and now await the arrival of my Oppo N1, Gionee go and release this video showing off the amazing features of the Gionee Elife E7!

At the launch of the Gionee Elife E7, much of the event was taken up talking about the amazing 16 megapixel rear camera of the new flagship phone and the great features if boasts. But with so many features it is difficult, even for us to remember them all, thankfully Gionee have released this video showing off al the Elife E7 Camera functions.

Gizchina News of the week

Everything from the phones camera hardware to ‘gourmet mode’ is covered in the video. My personal faves are the ability to remove moving objects from photos, and the onion layer action photos.

Gionee Elife E7 Camera Functions

We have contacted Gionee and hope to receive an Elife E7 for review in the future. Thanks to Mario over at GizChina.it for the tip!

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  1. December 13, 2013

    Wow! Only if they make an Elife 7 mini now 😀

  2. Airyl
    December 13, 2013

    My mouth is watering. Damn you Gionee.

    • Simon
      December 13, 2013

      Liaow are selling them !

      • Qwerty
        December 13, 2013

        They are asking double the price!!!!!!
        Does anybody know a good seller who sells the gionee elife e7 for a normal price?

        • Simon
          December 13, 2013

          How do you know what the original price is ?

        • Simon
          December 13, 2013

          I have emailed some other resellers and I am awaiting their responses.

          • Azerty
            December 19, 2013

            When you get some feedback please share information with us.

  3. Dominic
    December 13, 2013

    Wow. That really looks damn nice. I still think I’m going to keep holding out for the xiaomi mi3, but this is the first phone that actually has me questioning this decision

  4. Jögo Suán-Kōr
    December 13, 2013

    the only thing i don’t like in E7 is too plastic but it is great competitor for Mi3 Xiaomi

  5. Simon
    December 13, 2013

    Andi I thought you going to buy the Vivo XPlay 3S ?

  6. Raymond
    December 13, 2013

    Wow! Awesome camera.

    Nice music, btw.

  7. toioioio
    December 13, 2013

    Damn you Gionee!

    Wheres dual sim!!

  8. Danial
    December 13, 2013

    is it just me or this phone really is a chinese copy cat of Nokia Lumia 1520 ?? ( a liitle bit of design and the whole camera features part, i mean all of them are nokia lumia 1520 features… the most obvious one is the story teller of the 1520…)

    but at least it has a more affordable price tag than lumia…
    but on the other hand it doesn’t have the build quality and durability of the lumia series…
    but it’s price is more reasonable…
    but lumia has a 20MP pureview camera…
    but Elife’s cheaper…
    but lumia is more classy….
    but elife’s cheaper…
    but lumia has the the camera with the Perfect 6 Carl Zeiss lenses ….
    but seriously elife e7 is much cheaper….
    but Lumia is the dream camera phone…

    but the lumia has a 6 inch full hd display… wireless charging…
    but for real… I’m serious! Elife is about 150$ cheaper…
    but lumia…. dream phone of mine…
    but Elife’s cheaper price tag….

    oh God damn it! I was finally making my mind to move to windows phone world… seriously gionee screw, you go to hell you son of a HCtIB!…:D

    idk… but seriously i think probably i’ll end up buying the nokia lumia 1520 soon, because i trust them more on the camera… ….
    idk maybe I have to wait for the review of this motherless phone first 😀
    but,,, no.. lumia is something else ☺….


    ♦ UPDATE ♦:
    wtf?! I thought this phone costs around 500 bucks , but it turned out its more than 610$!!! with this keeping this in mind , i wont risk paying 30$ less buying this gionee rather than nokia lumia 1520 which costs 649$

    I’m serious what the hell happened in china?? all of the new models are priced to the ceiling! what have they thought to themrseves? for real. where do they think they are going with these insane new pricing policy?? first vivo and now you gionee? god knows maybe next month zopo anounces a new flagship with a price tag around 1000$!

    • Simon
      December 14, 2013

      You forgot one important feauture Nokia Lumia 1520 is a Windows Phone, where Gionee Elife E7 is an Android Phone.

      • Danial
        December 14, 2013

        yea but personally I find new windows phone 8.1 sth more interesting than the one size all android…
        it’s a personal preference

        • Simon
          December 14, 2013

          If the Windows phone App Store, can produce the Apps in the next couple of years, I’m with you on that.

          • Danial
            December 14, 2013

            if you are looking for monster camera phone , and all you care about is taking professional awsome pics, no doubts you have to choose between lumia 1520 and lumia 1020,
            I really dont know why you guys all nag about windows phone app store, for real have you checked it by yourself? or you just say it because reviewers say that? you talk in a way that there is no APP FOR Windows phone,
            me myself checked it and to be quite honest it has a lot more than usefull apps that i have on my android. who are we kidding, android and ios appstore and play market are full of useless apps just for entertainment, and most of them are only entertaining for the first time use…
            I dont wanna say that windows phone appstore doesnt have entertaining apps, because it has , the reason that there is a difference between the number of apps on microsoft appstore vs play store , is these kinda apps.
            considering the main social network, weather or document , or even in music (which nokia’s official mix radio with free music downloading beats anything in ths range) and a lot more, they are both the same..
            plus i exprienced less “force stop” thing on windows phone than o my android device…

            • Simon
              December 15, 2013

              What is the web address for the Windows phone App Store, and is it accessible from any browser ?

            • Danial
              December 15, 2013

              you can access it via any device you want. but for installing them you need a windows phone device :p

              P.S : Nokia lumia 1520 price is only 649$! you can find retail sellers on amazon. so now the Elife e7 is not cheaper at all!
              no doubts lumia 1520 is the best choice for those who want a monster camera smartphone. plus it has amazing battery life too, it has a non removable 3400MA battery! as reviewers say it is enough for 13 hours of non stop wifi browsing and listening to music!
              so between Elife e7 and nokia lumia 1520. considering the equal price for international buyers, lumia 1520 is THE obvious winner.

            • illulli
              January 12, 2014

              Bhosdk… Windows ko apni gaand me daal lo…

            • Allanitomwesh
              December 15, 2013

              Just get a windows phone and be happy.It’s not that complicated…

            • Danial
              December 15, 2013

              it’s not about the battle of windows phone vs android. all i’m saying is that new chinees flagship phones are priced too high and unreasonable.