WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 delayed until ‘the end of December’

The WCDMA version of the Xiaomi Mi3 has been one of the most anticipated phones of this year (hopefully ‘this year’ stays till after the launch). However, the Chinese phone maker seems to be in no mood to please their followers, or ‘miFans’ as Xiaomi choose to call them.

More than 3 months since initial launch

The Xiaomi Mi3 was initially launched in September, and it has been more than 3 months since. As expected, the device impressed one and all with the revamped design, powerful Snapdragon 800 processor (Tegra 4 for the Chinese) and almost every other thing that one could imagine in a 2013 flagship, including a 5-inch full HD display, dual band WiFi, NFC, etc. However, Xiaomi have not been up to the mark, and in a way, disappointing for their international fans who have been waiting for the WCDMA compatible version to show up. Not only buyers, resellers from China have had to face a hard time after they started accepting pre-orders for the WCDMA Mi3.

Now, WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 to come 'at the end of December'

Here’s to hoping that we see a WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 take shape before the end of this year.

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