Oppo R831T, a budget phone for Oppo fans costing $180

Oppo’s phones are usually priced much higher than similar devices in the market costs and the low-cost Oppo RB31T is no exception.

$180 for an Oppo phone sounds like a bargain, and the Oppo R831T is a very good looking phone, similar in style to the popular Find 5. But truth be told, you would have to be a diehard Oppo fan to want to spend so much on the new entry-level handset.

Where as Xiaomi and Huawei offer quad-core processors and 720p displays on device which cost less than the R831T, Oppo have chosen just a dual-core MT6572 chipset with only 512mb RAM! What’s more the 4.5-inch display has a resolution of just 854 x 380 and the battery is only 1900mAh. The phone does get Oppo’s ColorOS which is a nice ROM to find on a low-cost phone, but at this price the Honor 3C, Xiaomi Hongmi and plenty of other phones would be a better bet.

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