Xiaomi report sales of 18.7 million phones for 2013

Xiaomi is full of beans after a highly successful 2013, with smartphone shipments breaching the 15 million mark!

The rising Chinese manufacturer revealed stats for 2013, a year when they sold a record 18.7 million smartphones. This is a huge leap (more than double) from the 7.9 million they managed to sell in 2012. With rising popularity and release in other markets, the manufacturer has set a target of 40 million shipments for 2014, as we reported earlier. With growth rates as impressive as this, Xiaomi are now targeting neighbouring markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. One reason contributing to this newfound success is affordability — Xiaomi choose to offer devices at near-production cost. A major chunk of the profit is made from services offered via the MIUI ecosystem.

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Xiaomi report sales of 18.7 million phones for 2013

A large chunk of this revenue comes from their hugely successful Mi lineup of phones, headed by the Xiaomi Mi3. Other devices that Xiaomi offer comprise of smartphone accessories like power banks, computer peripheral like routers and their own Smart TV and TV box.

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  1. Freeje
    January 2, 2014

    They could have sold more if not for their stupid online buying system. Expanding overseas when they don’t even have enough phones to sell in the mainland?

  2. My name is....
    January 2, 2014

    I used to like MIUI but now i cant stand it.
    It hasnt much more to offer than other chinese phones that come with a near-stock android.
    Its heavier, you cant mod it as easily, and MIUI market is a joke, im not interested in bying themes etc

  3. njren
    January 2, 2014

    Thing is…how many of those 18.7 million were sold direct to consumers and how many were sold at a higher price on contract through one of the China telcos? That’s one reason Xiaomi scrambled to clarify their sales forecast for 2014 announced a couple of days ago.

  4. china fan
    January 2, 2014

    I Dont see how they will hit their target with the ridiculous small batch releases and and the rest of their online selling system. Miui is horrible to use and looks like a cheap iOS knock off. The latest debacle of the delay in the mi3 won’t be helping things either. Looked forward to a xiaomi phone at the beginning of this year but after trying the miui launcher and all the things listed above I won’t be in any rush to get one. They have been overtaken by a lot of Chinese manufacturers and missed the boat when they had the chance to jump so far ahead.