Exclusive: GooPhone N3 Octacore hands on

Exclusive: GooPhone N3 Octacore hands on


It’s always nice to open up a new phone for the first time, even better when it is one of the first of the new octacore GooPhone N3 phones to be available!

GooPhone have been around for years and are infamous for their phones which look remarkably like Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship offerings. Although we have seen GooPhone branch out in to some more original products, mostly wearable, the company remains a clone maker at heart and they don’t look ready to change anytime soon.

goophone n3 octacore review

The GooPhone N3 is their latest Note 3 inspired Android phablet to go on sale, but unlike the hundreds of other similar modes the GooPhone N3 is running the latest 1.7Ghz octacore MT6592 chipset from Mediatek!

gooPhone n3 octacore review

gooPhone n3 octacore review

Costing just $269.99, the GooPhone N3 is the most affordable internationally available 8-core phablet on the market, and a quick look over the specifications will reveal some rather nice features!

goophone n3 octacore review

The display is a bright, clear and responsive 5.7-inch 1920 x 1080 FHD display, the chipset is the latest octacore MT6592 processor, there is also 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, micro SD card, 13 mega-pixel main camera and 5 mega-pixel front!

goophone n3 octacore review

I have only just managed to unbox the phone take these photos and boot it up for a quick play, but first impressions are quite good. The display is bright and clear, the systems seems responsive and bug free (a long term test will reveal any issues), and even the 13 mega-pixel main camera took some impressive photos even in the low light of the cafe where I happen to be.

GooPhone N3 Octaocre Gallery

GooPhone N3 Specifications

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GooPhone N3 Octacore review coming soon

We will be putting the GooPhone N3 through its paces over the next few days and aim to have a full in-depth review posted in a week or so.

goophone n3 octacore review

Thanks to GooPhone.cc for sending us this review phone, take a look at the GooPhone store where you can purchase the GooPhone N3 now for just $269.99.

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  • pa5t1s

    Hehe, lucky you are to put your hands (fingers) on this one 😉
    I’m a big fan of Goophone, but, once again, too bad they didn’t come with a more “original” design 🙁
    Otherwise, I’m sure it’s a good device… WCDMA 900Mhz is missing tho.

    • KU DE TA

      Does it mean it cannot be used in Europe? Thx

      • Ticoo

        This phone may works on 3G 2100MHz band, it may work on most Europe countries.

      • pa5t1s

        As Ticoo said, it will work perfectly with 2G/GSM. With 3G/WCDMA, check which bands are used in your country: 2100MHz is widely used, but you can have additional bands in 850MHz or 900MHz…Depends on where you live. So,yes, it will work, but sometimes not if there’s no 2100MHz antenna around…

  • cosmos

    I have purchased one but I am waiting for it to arrive. Hope battery life is good.

    • justwondering

      Hi , Have you had a dispatch email ?

      • Pebb Santos

        My goophone n3 is on the way now, I got dispatch email with dhl tracking number. 😀

      • Cosmos

        received it on Friday, very happy, only battery as usual with Chinese phones is disappointing. I guess I will have to continue carrying the charger on my back pocket.

        • adr

          Che software is very unstable

  • kleautzak

    i wanted to buy the phone, but they only deliver with DHL.
    And i prefer Singapore Post or Bpost.
    Because when they ship with DHL it cost 25-30% extra 🙁

    • Mani

      Write to their support email I’d given on their website, I bought their i5c model n the device is really good n their email support is good .

  • kleautzak

    by the way, Jiake V8 MTK6592 is on focalprice for 217USD

    • Jason

      but it’s 720p screen, I have read some bad reviews about the v8 phone

  • Ash

    Hey Andi do mention the display,battery life and camera comparison with
    other mtk6592 phones in the full review 😀 Also its 16Gb built in and
    not 32gb as mentioned above 🙂

  • claude

    Personaly I think I prefer the Mlais mx69, bigger battery ,wireless charging, 2 cams 13mps, and smaller bezel I guess…, but maybe I am wrong…

  • Sirian

    Please correct the specification sheet, as it indicates 32gb rom while it’s only 16gb even on goophone official website.(and it’s 16gb even on your review)

    • Mano

      I have get confirmed replied from support email, the rom is 16gb

  • Ian McDowall

    Hey, Andi – is the version of Android fairly close to ‘stock’, or is it heavily customised? Thanks! 🙂

    • Quite close to standard

      • Ian McDowall

        Thanks Andi – very much appreciated! 🙂

  • Igor Mishin

    When will they release an octa-core iphone clone?

  • Jeff

    Hi, Andi, the official specs is 3200mAh battery, but your description is 2800mAh, which is correct?

    • I will have to double check when I’m back at the office 🙂

      • justwondering

        hi Andy , can you tell me a couple of things please , what are the actual dimensions of this phone , Goophone support team dont have the answer ! but also can you tell me does this phone have a notification light for emails , messages etc…..thank you .

        • coenve

          I’d also like to know dimensions. Pretty please with cherry on the top.

  • Justwondering

    Be Wary , i paid for a N3 on Tuesday , goophone stated as in stock , but hey guess what , what i asked when it will be dispatched , they stated to me sorry out of stock waiting for more from the factory !!! BUT of course if you check there site right now , it still states as “IN STOCK” sooo hmmmmm when will it be dispatched !!!

  • zozew

    hi Andi, please check the encryption option under security and 3g operator video calls and of course what sensors are present and work, thx again, your site is my second one i read after engadget.com 😉 for my daily tech/android news

  • Geovane Barbosa

    This phone have Gorilla Glass?

  • pold

    hi Andy, i can’t wait for full review? 🙂

  • Barry

    What is the battery life like?

    • Cosmos

      not so good, lasts about 10hrs if you use it sparingly. 30mins of web video takes about 20% battery.

      • Barry

        Thanks for the reply, that battery life doesn’t sound acceptable to me 🙁 time to go look elsewhere.

  • Cosmos

    Battery life of the N3 is disappointing, lasts about one day if you leave it alone and don’t use it too much. Now that I already bit the bullet is there any option of getting a larger battery ?

    • Barry

      I have been on to their support about the possibility of ordering a second battery and they keep saying it’s not possible to order a second one! I also asked them if a battery for the note 3 would work and their reply was “We have not tested this”

  • Rootman

    Hi Andi, is it too early to ask about the ROOTability of this phone:)

  • cmblue

    I have just ordered a Goophone N3 and was wondering if the site I ordered it from is legit?
    Its the same site as mentioned in your review Andy. Maybe its just a communication ‘breakdown’ Im having with them

  • ben

    how about goophone n3 vs jiayu g6