Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery 2,900mAh, Rapid Charging

Yesterday, as you probably know by now,  the alleged specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 were leaked. Now, the last pieces of the puzzle are falling into place as we are hearing things about the phone’s battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a 2,900mAh battery with a new rapid charging technology that will bring its total charge time down to two hours. According to “inside sources” at PhoneArena, the battery uses a new technology sold by the Silicon Startup company called Amprius.

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The batteries use silicon-anodes instead of a traditional graphite, and that gives the batter 20% more juice and a more rapid charge time. Apparently this had been a goal of researchers for a long time, because silicon anodes are known for their effectiveness. Unfortunately they are too unstable and break after a few charges. Amprius coats the silicon anodes with a light layer of carbon, improving their durability.

The result is not quite as effective as a pure silicon anode would be, but it is an improvement over what is currently on the market, and stable enough for mobile devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S5’s improved battery capacity (The s4 had a 2,600mAh battery) may not translate to longer battery life however. The rumors have the Galaxy S5 sporting an LPTS 2k resolution screen, which is sure to drain some juice.

[Image: Gabriel Acquistapace]
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  1. Stef
    January 15, 2014

    Really??? Samsung is abandoning their trademark amoled? If anything that’s the news I’m taking from this. I would be very surprised if it would indeed be proved to be the case…