Meizu will announce European expansion next month!

Meizu have already announced it plans to launch in the US in Q3 of this year, but the premium Chinese phone maker will be headed to Europe before that!

Exactly which European countries Meizu will expand in to will be announced next month, but what we do know is that Meizu plan to go head to head against brands such as Samsung competing on specification and price.

According to Sierra Ma, Meizu hope to sell their devices at 30% cheaper than a similar priced Samsung device which will be quite tempting for any knowing just who Meizu are and the quality of their products. This is where things will get tricky for Meizu as most customers who don’t follow Chinese tech don’t know the brand and will be suspicious of a Chinese phone maker entering the market, how they plan to overcome this remains to be seen.

What we do know for now is that Meizu will beter Europe with the current Meizu MX3, while American customers will receive the next generation Meizu phone after it is launched in China.

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