UMi X3 details reveal LG FHD display, LTE and 64GB memory!

UMi are quietly getting ready to launch their latest X model on to the mobile phone world and leaked details give us some idea of what we an expect from the flagship UMi X3 phone!

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the UMi X3 of late. Rumours have included the use of a 2.0Ghz processor, and even 4G LTE! So what is true and what’s false?

Sources close to UMi have told reporters that the company aims to launch not 1 but 2 versions of the UMi X3. Both will offer similar features, however the top of the range model will in fact boasts 4G LTE support! This is great news, but we will have to wait for Mediatek to launch the LTE enabled MT6595 processor before we see the UMi X3 LTE on the market.

If LTE isn’t all that important to you then you will be happy to learn than the first UMi X3 to head to market should go on sale in just a few weeks. Although this model will lack LTE it will feature all the other hardware goodies including a 5.5-inch LG FHD display (the same found on the LG Optimus G Pro), 2GB RAM, 14 mega-pixel rear camera, 3150mAh battery, and 64GB of internal memory!

We don’t have pricing for the UMi X3 but we believe it will start at around 2000 Yuan or less for Chinese customers!

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