OnePlus One to see an International release in Q2 ’14

Hardware startup OnePlus have had an extended session of announcements on their social media platforms. This time round, the company divulged details on an International release on their official Facebook page.

OnePlus had previously stated that their first device, the OnePlus One, would be released in the second quarter of 2014. However, it wasn’t clear if the device would be available in markets other than China. Their latest announcement clears the air on this, promising an ‘international release’ for the OnePlus One in Q2 ’14. This combined with the fact that the OnePlus One will come LTE-enabled leads one to think that the company isn’t short on global ambition.

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Again, it isn’t really clear if the device will be available in individual markets domestically. We’re guessing OnePlus will take the OPPO route, and ship devices to international buyers from their China warehouse with international warranty. Although this isn’t as convenient as having the device available at your local electronics store, it is indeed better than having to cope up with hefty mark-ups that resellers tend to reserve for themselves these days.

[ Oppo Insider]
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  1. January 23, 2014

    we’ll see…

  2. manohar basavaraju
    January 24, 2014

    Stop giving sensational news One Plus, & come up with real pics or confirmed specs, then we call it a News…

    • PeterPan
      January 24, 2014

      You ARE right!
      Haha, it is hilarious, but OnePlus probably paid gizchine some money or gave them a phone for reviewing in advanced and that way Gizchina became OnePlus’s bitch (Xiaomi will soon respond because they do not like this ‘news’stream about a rivalling company, normally it’s them who make it to the frontpage 10 times a day 😛 )

      • china fan
        January 24, 2014

        You speaketh the truth. I often find the over hyping of xiaomi hilarious and now it seems its one plus’s turn. Perhaps they do pay gizchina to report boring “news” with no substance to them. Gizchina was so much better than this a year ago.