Vivo Inspired Vtel X1 gets high-end design and 2.4mm bezels

Vivo Inspired Vtel X1 gets high-end design and 2.4mm bezels


The two tone, ultra-thin design of Vivo phones is the starting point many smaller Chinese phone brands begin with when producing a new phone, the Vtel X1 is no different.

Local phone maker Vtel have taken to the Vivo X3 for inspiration of their new Vtel X1 (X1 also being the name of a Vivo phone from last year). Like Vivo phone’s the Vtel X1 get’s the trademark two tone decoration with with white/silver or white/gold options and compact 6.8mm body.

vtel x1

Thankfully though Vtel don’t seem to be content with just making their phone look like a Vivo, and see their own phone rivalling models from the long established phone maker. Dimensions are 143 x 70 x 6.8mm, the display is a Gorilla Glass protected 5-inch 1280 x 720 model and the bezels are just 2.4mm thick! That’s thinner than the Meizu MX3.

Procesing power comees from the popular quad-core MT6582 chipset, with 1GB RAM and 16GB of built in memory (no mention of an SD card). Dual-sim supports only GSM and TD-SCDMA, but a WCDMA version will be launched later in the year and cameras are an 8 mega-pixel front, 13 mega-pixel rear with sapphire glass lens.

If Vtel can launch the X1 for around 1800 Yuan or less, they could be on to a winner!

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  • antidumb

    i’m not impress with 2.4mm because alcatel hero has 1.95mm bezel and less bezel on the top and bottom too

  • Felix

    2,4 mm bezzel could be impressiv, but only for a device with less than 5 inches screen-size. My No.1 S6 allready has 2,5mm

    • antidumb

      how on earth 2.4mm bezel could be impressive with device less than 5 inch ? smaller screen make bezel look fat

  • Alex

    What is with this one gigabyte of RAM crap! Why are they still using 1 gig of ram when people are already leaning towards 3 gigs of RAM? 2 gigs of ram is the norm these days, on most Phablet…