Oppo’s Sleek and Sexy Oppo R1 heading to India, but it won’t be cheap!

Hot on the heals of the Oppo N1’s launch in India, reports are in that the Oppo R1 will also go on sale in the country in the next few months.

After launching the Oppo N1 yesterday at the lofty price of Rs. 40,000, which is close enough to $650 to put most customers off, reports are arriving that the sleek Oppo R1 will also arrive in the market soon too.

oppo r1

The Oppo R1 is a classy all Gorilla Glass and alloy phone with the same camera hardware as the iPhone 5S, however with a Meidatek processor, just 1GB RAM and a low-resolution display we don’t think Oppo will be selling many R1 for the claimed Rs. 25-30,000 ($400-$480) when octacore phones from India’s own brands can be had for much less.

What do you think of Oppo’s pricing strategy in emerging market? Do you think they are on the right path or could the afford to be a little more aggressive?

[ Gadgethouse via GizIndia ]
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