Webnes Emulator Brings NES To Every iOS Device, Even Non Jailbroken Ones

Being an Android user is great for a few reasons, not the least of all is the bevvy of capable emulators for the device. Everything upto and including the Dreamcast has been emulated on Android and most of them run great. No unlocking, rooting or similar procedures need to be taken for me to play Punch-Out!! on my phone. iOS users, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky.

Emulators aren’t allowed on the App store, so if you want to run one on your iPhone or iPad, you have to jailbreak it. That will give you access to a good number of emulators, but now there is an easier way, for gamers wanting to relive the NES days anyway.

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Webn.es is a web based NES emulator that can be used with any iPhone or Android phone (oddly enough, it didn’t see my Nexus 7 as a “mobile device”).

Simply link the site with your Dropbox account full of NES ROMS and you can play to your hearts content. Some of the games lag a little bit, but it still manages to play the majority of NES ROMS just fine.

Oh, and of course, Gizchina does not condone any illegal activity that may be associated with this web emulator, you should only download and play ROMS that you legally own.

[Image: kami68k [31.12 – Cologne]]
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  1. Micechal
    February 19, 2014

    Here you’ve got RetroArch browser edition: toadking.com/retroarch/index.html it’s still in development, but the native versions are fully usable and support a dozen of various video game systems. It works on both Android and iOS devices as well as on many other, it’s really worth giving it a try if you haven’t done so yet 🙂