6-core Mediatek MT6591 SoC headed to mid-range phones Q1

6-core Mediatek MT6591 SoC headed to mid-range phones Q1

6-core mediatek mt6591 soc roadmap

Mediatek haven’t quite finished dishing out surprises this year as a leaked roadmap from the Taiwanese company tells of a new 6-core MT6591 SoC on the way.

The roadmap gives details of a number of processors including the new MT6595, MT6752 and MT6732 LTE processors, but what has really grabbed out attention is the lone ‘Hexa’ model.

A brief summary introduces the Mediatek MT6591 “Hexa” as a 6-core processor which can be clocked at speeds of up to 1.5Ghz. The new SoC is compatible with TD-SCDMA networks (we assume WCDMA is a given as it isn’t mentioned on other chips) and can handle 1080HD video.

Mediatek are scheduled to launch the 6-core MT6591 in Q1 of this year and we should see the chip in Mid-range smartphones. The details also correspond with earlier Xiaomi leaks which suggested that one of the new Xiaomi Hongmi phones would be a 6-core device.

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  • Great, we are waiting for the new platform.

  • I’m not sure of the wisdom of making ANY new processor now that doesn’t support LTE. It seems a bit shortsighted to invest in 3G-only technology now.

    By the same logic, it doesn’t make sense to have a SoC solution that only suports 1080p displays. There’s not requirement to use the highest resolution the chip supports, but cutting off the options for anything more than 1080p, again, seems shortsighted.

    • Evgenij Nebotov

      in ukraine there is no lte and not anyone wants to upgrade to this equipment. and it’s quite a market for chinese phones. so why not.

  • highwind

    I doubt we will see this chip in any phone… MT6588 was announced ages ago aswell and not a single phone seems to be available with this chip.

    And to be honest… There is virtually no reasonable room left between MT6582 und MT6592

  • antidumb

    how this can be mid ranger if their highest octacore is for low end?