Octacore dual sim JiaYu G4 and JiaYu G5 still on for release

JiaYu are still planning to launch octacore versions of the popular JiaYu G4 and stainless steel JiaYu G5 Android smartphones.

As early as last year JiaYu were planning to release octacore JiaYu G4 and G5 models, but as of yet the phones have not gone on sale. We spoke with JiaYu last week and asked to confirm what was happening with the project, they say that it is still on!

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JiaYu did not confirm which octacore Mediatek chipset they will be using for the G4 and G5 octa, however it is most likely going to be a 1.7Ghz MT6592 processor. We also expect the new models to be given a slightly new name possibly G4S or G5 Octa. The phones will ship with 2GB RAM and at ltest 32GB memory built-in, support dual SIM and have space for a micro SD card.

We will keep an eye on JiaYu and update you as soon as more news of the phones unfolds.

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  1. bason
    March 1, 2014

    jiayu has JIyua G4C cheap version why still need offer jiayu g4 octa core processor.hope can have new design of jiayu

    • Xesco1983
      March 1, 2014

      Because g4 is jiayu best seller, it still has great design and also there are no mobile phones with 3000 battery….. I think it can be one of my best choices

      • Kamui
        March 1, 2014

        except iocean X7s with the 3000mah battery + back cover

        • Simon
          March 1, 2014

          What about Umi X3 ?

          • Xesco1983
            March 1, 2014

            I love 5,5 mobiles, but Umi x3 and the other phones doesn’t feet in half of my trousers… g4 is just a little bigger than my amoi 4,5… I did not tried iocean with bigger battery, but I tried an Iocean x7 with 2000 mah battery, and it was really a great phone… I just didn’t like back part of the phone, too much plastic, neken similar model had more premium style

            • Xesco1983
              March 1, 2014

              “fit” , sorry for my english…

    • Allanitomwesh
      March 1, 2014

      There’s also the point that the G6 is a phablet,the smaller phone needs to stick around

  2. Cuong
    March 1, 2014

    Good News!

  3. roni24
    March 1, 2014

    maybe at the end of 2014, this was always with JiaYu

  4. Jiayu get it together
    March 7, 2014

    Any new info on this? At least give us a release date or expected quarter. G2F rubbish, G4C rubbish, G4 Advanced outdated, G5 outdated and overpriced, S2 small battery in pursuit of paper thin phone WTF. Jiayu FAIL. Such a huge problem for them to make a new PCB with MTK6592 instead of MTK6589T, the rest stays the same, 2 weeks to make it happen, yet it takes Jiayu 1 year.

  5. JiayuCustomer
    March 11, 2014

    Still no release quarter or date from Jiayu?!