Oppo Find 7 50 mega-pixel photo sample!

Oppo Find 7 50 mega-pixel photo sample!

oppo find 7 sample photo

With only 16 days to go until the official launch of the Oppo Find 7, a photo sample released by Oppo themselves tells us the new phone will have a 50 mega-pixel rear camera!

We still don’t have official confirmation from Oppo for the Find 7’s main camera but the details from this photo suggest an amazing 50 mega-pixel unit! The photo below is a reduced version of the original (which you can download here) 8160 x 6120 photo which weighs in at 9.7mb.

We assume that Oppo are using a new type of camera sensor technology similar to what HTC have in their HTC One, March 19th is the date we will know for sure though.

Keep posted for more Oppo Find 7 news as we get it.

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  • Keep em coming coming Andi.
    The commercial looks promising too (and funny) hehe

  • chinda

    50 mega pixel, looks like sony & samsung just got blasted!

    • Daumus

      You could believe that if you’re a 12-year-old…

    • AKSdude

      well, what is going to matter s optics, the quality and sensor size. You know in 20!2 everybody passed nokia808 as gimmick until they knew about oversampling.

  • Martin

    God i hope its the digital optics mems camera

  • Ben Liu

    Sounds suspiciously like an interpolated photo from 12.x Mpixels (12×4 = 48). Still very blurry even when the picture is compressed to this size indicates it is not a true “50 Mpixels”

    • antidumb

      plot twist: photo taken two miles away and it’s just zoomed picture

    • Ivan Myring

      Maybe (though the chances are tiny and I am just dreaming) they are using a foveon-x3 sensor

    • sda

      oppo 7 just was outed by reddot with a 13mp camera, you were correct!

  • Actually not like the HTC ultrapixel sensor, but more like Nokia’s 41Mp Pureview technology.


  • Frank Wu

    50 mpixels ! you must be kidding! It’s obvious interpolated from a 13!
    Frankly, the photo does not look sharp and has little dynamic range!

  • Qwerty

    Oppo find 7 camera vs Gionee elife E7 camera?

  • koss_x_treeme

    I can’t download the pic from weibo… somebody put a link with this picture :)))

    • njren

      Go to the Weibo page, click on the blue text directly below the word “Oppo”. That will open a full-res image on your screen. Then you can right-click and save the image.

      • chinda

        Lets you download the pic but only in lowrez, you need a weibo account to download the 8160 x 6120 image.

  • djmuzi

    cmon give us a proper download link! Not everybody wants to register on Weibo.

  • jesters

    Thanks for pointing me to a site for downloading the picture, which is impossible to browse! 🙂

  • aeroloverz

    wheres the weibo page i cant find it