Rockchips RK3288 4K, 4GLTE chipset for tablets to see April release

rockchips rk3288

The latest Rockchips R3288 processor with integrated 4G LTE network support is rumoured to make it’s first appearance in tablets from April this year.

Rockchips are quite proud of the RK3288, and tablet fans are excited as this is this is one of the first quad-core Cortex A12 SoC device to to on the market. The processor also happens to have a rather potent quad-core MaliT76X GPU, giving enough graphics performance for full H.265 decoding meaning 4K video will soon be a reality on your tablets.

4G LTE is also going to be supported by the new SoC making up for quite a capable processor. Now all that needs to be seen is which tablets are going to be getting the processor first and will this mean the first 2K, 4K tablet displays are also going to be appearing in the coming weeks?

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