Could the Oppo Find 7 use Multi-Shot technology similar to Hasselblad?

oppo find 7 multi shot

Could the Oppo Find 7 use Multi-Shot technology similar to Hasselblad? The leaked photo sample from the Oppo Find 7 had everyone excited about the prospect of a 50 mega-pixel camera, however renders show a 13mp unit, leading us to believe Multi-shot technology is at work!

What is Mult-shot technology

As the name suggests, Mutli-shot technology allows the camera to capture 4 – 16 images at a single time, however it isn’t quite as simple or boring as that. Multi-shot, as found in high-end DSLR camera from Hasselblad, takes from 4 – 16 images but moves the sensor around to capture accurate colors. To get a better understanding and see why this is truly exciting keep reading.

How a single shot camera works

Your basic camera on most modern mobile phones is a single shot unit. Chances are your mobile phone uses the same camera tech as most meaning a bayer array is used to measure and create the colours the sensor sees. As you can see the bayer array is made up of 2 green pixels a red and a blue.



When taking a photo the light for each is measured and the sensor will create a colour it believes to be an accurate reproduction of the real colour.

How a 4 shot multi shot sensor works

We believe the Oppo Find 7 could have a 4 shot multi-shot technology and this is how that tech works. Rather than just sensing, measuring and merging the light levels together, a 4 shot multi-shot camera will actually move the sensor around in steps of one pixel. This will mean each light level is record on top of the last creating a more true representation to the colours you are actually seeing!

oppo find 7 sample photo


Other benefits are the images are sharper, more detailed and there is less noise (the fuzz in low light photos). Are there any cons to multi shot? Multi-shot can only be used for still photos, we also believe that Oppo will have had to include OIS for the tech to work when in your hand, otherwise a tripod would be needed.

How a Multi-shot camera works video

The video below shows how 4 shot and 16 shot multi-shot works.

More Oppo Find 7 photo samples

Here are more Oppo Find 7 leaked photo samples. Download the full size images here.

Could the Oppo Find 7 use 4 shot multi-shot technology

If Oppo have used 4 shot multi-shot it would mean the 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX214 sensor (which we believe the phone will have) would create 50 mega-pixel images and offer amazing colour reproduction.We also believe that if this tech is in place Oppo will have also added OIS (optical image stabilisation) to improve hand held photo capture.

We are more than excited about the prospect of a 4 shot multi-shot camera on the Oppo Find 7, let’s see if it becomes are reality at the launch on the 19th March.

What do you guys think about the idea of 4 shot Multi-shot technology in the Oppo Find 7? What do you make of the photos samples? Let us know in the comments section below.

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