K Touch Nibiru Mars One H1 becomes the world’s cheapest octacore, 1080...

K Touch Nibiru Mars One H1 becomes the world’s cheapest octacore, 1080 phone!

nibiru mars h1

China’s capital was again the setting for a new phone launch today as phone maker K Touch unveiled the first of it’s new Nibiru line.

K Touch are quite a popular brand in smaller cities across China, but the company have aspirations of pulling in a larger, youthful crowd, so created the new Nibiru brand. The first Nibiru phone, launched in Beijing earlier today, is the Mars One H1, and goes for that magic 998 Yuan price point ($165).

What makes the Nibiru Mars One H1 different to the Huawei Honor 3X, Coolpad Halo F1 and the up coming Xiaomi Hongmi 2, is the high-resolution display. While K-touch’s rivals save a few Yuan on a 720p panel, the Nibiru Mars One H1 is a FHD 1080p phone with a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display!

Not impressed with the display (why not?) then let’s take a look at the rest of the hardware which includes a 1.7Ghz MT6592 octacore processor, 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel main camera and 5 mega-pixel F2.2 front shooter with wide angle lens! Nibiru phones also ship with their own custom Nibiru ROM based on Android 4.2.2.

nibiru mars h1

As the phone’s launch has just finished we don’t have full details such as launch date, supported frequencies etc, but we do know the phone will cost just 998 Yuan and will soon be joined by the Nibiru Venus J1 smartphone.

At this rate we are going to see sub $100 octacore phones within the next few weeks!

[ K Touch ]
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  • Hellvetta

    Great UMI X1Pro design detected. Hope, battery is so well as Mars is big.

  • slartiblart

    50 inch?

  • Allanitomwesh

    Battery nowhere in sight,but i’m interested. Coolpad better watch themselves! Shame JiaYu are no longer in this conversation.

    • It’s not mentioned, which is never a good sign.

      • Allanitomwesh

        never a good sign at all

    • rigge

      it’s 2000mAh mentioned on their website..

      • Allanitomwesh

        Well damn

        • riige

          but from specs it’s 9hours talk time 220 standby, with that cheap price I’ll buy it.

          • Allanitomwesh

            Manufacturers figures are always waaay too optimistic.

  • Francisco Martins

    Where i can buy this? Grat specs for the price

    • It was only launched this afternoon so we will have to wait for stores to get it.

      • Mani

        Andi, do they have their own company e-store, like Zopo etc. At this prices it is worth trying it .

        • They do, but it is in China only. Link in the article.

    • Alex

      great specs, if you live in an area that supports that particular technology.

  • Hey all, about price this all is wrong! This is the price if you have China Mobile contract, China Mobile subsidize 1000RMB for each such phone. (I have official e-mail from K-Touch). Same business model for Coolpad and Huawei “cheap” phones. Also all of them are not only locked but also TD-SCDMA standard.

  • This looks cool… by this time next year, hopefully we’ll actually see competitive mid-high range devices with multi-band LTE at under 1000RMB.

    These subsidized TD-SCDMA devices just aren’t useful outside of China.

  • Matt Wright

    Would love a review, really like the design and features especially that lime green colour.
    About time android had some colours in its life.

  • HK gal

    current using it when writing this comment. i purchased this at hk$1480 including the data cable, phone case and screen protector. brought it in hong kong hence the price is a bit higher than its original. im getting a year warrenty still so im okay with the price. the phone design itself is very similar to sony. its slightly longer and thiner than a samsung note 2, as a girl i think is easier to hold it and it comes in different colors so im loving the design.

    the spec is mentioned in the review so im not gonna explain again, but its definitely fast, i play a lot of games on my phone and everything run really smooth! considering im using a pretty shit network, the phone still run fast and downloading stuff quick, you can truly experience the power of 8-core.

    the only criticism i would have is i would have is some of the apps that are being banned in china, such as facebook, youtube google etc, those apps crush themselves every now and then, not a huge issue, because even with samsung or sony would have similar issue.

    other things that could be improved would be the languages function, currently only support chinese and english, but the english is not fully translate, some bits here or there are showing in chinese writing even though u changed the setting to english, but its not a major thing, u can easily figure it out the meaning of those buttons even if u cant understand chinese.

    the phone runs miui system, which is similar to the google play. u can install google play urself but miui actually run smoother than google play on this phone. but if u donno the chinese of ur apps, u wont be able to search for apps on miui.

    thats all!

  • devin

    So can this phone be used in USA under metro pcs since its unlocked?