Oppo Find 7 spotted in the wild!

Oppo Find 7 spotted in the wild!

oppo find 7 spotted

With everyone and their grandmothers carrying a modern phone around it is quite easy for spy photos to be shot. Take these Oppo Find 7 spy photos captured in an elevator for example.

A keen eye’d Weibo user spotted an member of the Oppo team earlier today brandishing a phone which has been identified as the forthcoming Oppo Find 7 smartphone.

The photos were secretly snapped in a busy elevator so details aren’t clear, but it does look like the Oppp Find 7 has thinner bezels than we had previously thought and that the upper and lower sections of the phone have been kept to a minimum.

oppo find 7 spotted

The Find 7 also seems to be running ColorOS which is likely based on Android 4.3 with an Android 4.4 update coming after launch!

Thanks to Kedros for the tip!

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  • joe

    Bezels are huge.

    • Xiaolu

      Are they? I’d just say the opposite… :/

      • Oppoppo

        In the first pic you probably see a part of the side of the phone, second picture you can see only the bezel.

    • They look really thin on these photos.

  • Allanitomwesh


  • Cuerex

    seems like it will feature hardware buttons though

  • karo

    wooow!!!! after i saw the chineese fcc certification pictures of the phone i was disappointed because the design and bezels werent that great. But when i see this picture and it is real than i think the find 7 will look like this!

    the 1080p version ist not a cheap version of the 7 its more like it will get the find 5s place as phone.

    if this this design would be true i think that pruple back of the find 7 would fit to it not like fcc china version whitzt led light at the bottom and big bezels

  • 😀 wow

  • Ivo Carvalho

    It looks huge…