Nubia X6 photo sample has a Oppo Find 7 beating resolution of 74.6 MP!

nubia x6 photo sample

We thought that the 50 mega-pixel photo samples from the Oppo Find 7 are good, but they pale in comparison to the 74.6mp photos of the Nubia X6.

The Nubia X6 will launch in Beijing on 25th March, and promises to be the most exciting Nubia phone to date. Specs have shown the device will have OIS (optical image stabilisation) for the main camera, wireless charging and rumours suggest a 6-inch 2K display and all metal body.

The latest leaks show a photo which is reportedly captured by the main camera of the Nubia X6 and weighs in at 12.4MB with a resolution of 74.6 mega-pixels. Of course the chances that the main sensor on the phone has such high resolution are slim, but the phone could features a new tech similar to what Oppo will reveal on the Find 7 tomorrow.

Check out the full size photo sample here.

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