Exclusive! World First Oppo Find 7 Unboxing and ultimate hands on!

Exclusive! World First Oppo Find 7 Unboxing and ultimate hands on!

oppo find 7 review

This is a GizChina world exclusive! A 20 minute long Oppo Find 7 unboxing video with complete indepth hands on filmed by myself after purchasing the Oppo Find this morning!

I got plenty of hands on time with the Oppo Find 7 yesterday at the launch, but with so much commotion, noise, hustle and bustle I really didn’t have the time I really wanted to spend with the phone! So when I happened across the local Oppo store which had stock of the just launched Oppo Find 7 how could I not go and buy one!

oppo find 7 review

The Oppo Find 7 launched in China today at 10am and was a real launch at 500 physical stores across the country. The only version on sale today is the 1920 x 1080 FHD model with 2GB RAM with either a black or white colour option. I opted for the white model as it has a textured finish for added grip.

World First Oppo Find 7 Unboxing

I bought the Find 7 from an official Oppo store, where it had already had a screen protector fitted and the staff were nice enough to give me a free flip case. Rather disappointingly the 1080 version of the Find 7 isn’t currently working on China Unicom’s 3G WCDMA. Specifications on the packaging say it should and the staff at the store ensured me that a firmware update will bring 3G to my phone soon, I have emailed Oppo to confirm this, Update: apparently this version of the Find 7 will not work on 3G in China but (according to the packaging) it will work on WCDMA Internationally.

oppo find 7 review

The below unboxing video is almost a full 20 minutes long and features an unboxing, detailed look and description of the body and design, plus a look at some of the new features in Color OS on the phone. If you are looking to buy an Oppo Find 7 this is the video you need to watch!

The Oppo Find 7 FHD 1080 full specifications

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Exclusive Oppo Find 7 Unboxing and hands on

oppo find 7 review

The Find 7 will now be my daily phone while I complete a full review. I will keep you updated with what Oppo have to say about the 3G issue and will post updates over the next few days.

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  • Hoàng Vững

    Very fast man, Andi 😀

    • Airyl

      Andi is a ninja. 😀

      • Haha a Phone Ninja has a nice RING to it LOL

    • Cheers hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  • BablaDoesDallas

    Where is the 2K version review? This is the low end version with poor specs.

    • Airyl

      Poor specs? It might be the lower end version, but it’s specs are not poor.

    • Poor specs?!!

  • Find791

    When would be the 1440p available ? please !!!

  • Graeme Reid

    Andi m8 when ya get bored of I’ll buy it off ya and you can mail me it to england

    • Haha, I have had quite a few offers like this today 😀 Hoping it will work well outside China as I will use it on my hols this year.

  • k

    hows the battery drainage?

    • k

      is the screen looks washed out?

      • I running it down now and will let you know asap. Screen is great

  • Allanitomwesh

    Haha,Andi not you too. In ColorOS you can swipe to change menu tabs,you don’t have to click through them like touchwiz.
    Nice video. I noticed they don’t bundle the Oband like with N1 and Oclick remote? Maybe it’ll be in the QHD one? Please investigate. Otherwise it is looking real nice,fits in your hand quite well,the size isn’t intimidating.

    • Ah, you can see I’m not a Color OS user 🙂

      I asked about the Oband and it was an extra 798 Yuan ($128) so I didn’t bother getting one.

      • Allanitomwesh

        Cool,i’d prefer if it was bundled for the extra cost of the QHD one. Please find out 🙂

      • Airyl

        Almost the price of a new Redmi Note? For a band? That’s crazy.

  • V

    Great review, Andi!

    Loving the website! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 great to see you here 🙂

  • Ray Quest

    when will QHD oppo find 7 will be available before Easter or early

  • jaro69

    hallo !could someone tell me which languages are supported from Colour OS?

    • Orchard

      Chinese sim/trad and english are supported

      • jaro69


  • punchtownparry

    whats your advise for buying the QHD model and shipping to the UK?

  • aela111

    hi is this version work with wcdma 850 and 2100 ?
    i want to buy from oppo store.

  • CocaColaManager

    custom gestures on an off screen?

  • njren

    You might clarify that the Find 7 does work on China Mobile’s 3G network, which is TD-SCDMA and, yes, incompatible with China Unicom’s WCDMA network. WCDMA is the 3G king worldwide, but in China TD-SCDMA has the lead in subscribers. China Mobile’s 4G network is also more mature than China Unicom’s (just launched), so it makes sense for Oppo to hitch its wagon to China Mobile. It would also be incomprehensibly stupid to launch a 4G-only device in China at this time.

    • If I understand the issue correctly, it will work on China Mobile’s UTMS/WCDMA network as well. The radio isn’t disabled, but rather the software it tweaked to ignore China Unicom as an allowed network provider.

  • onenessboy

    Hi Andi,
    I am good follower of your website.. what I am looking for phone is 1080p full hd display,Ocotcore processor ,2GB RAM,32GB ROM, Expandable sd slot, 3g, possibly LTE support,3000 + battery, 13 mp camera.MHL or Wifi display faciltiy. I see oppo find 7 has all features but its too costly. can you please suggest any chinese brand which is good in your opinion.

    • onenessboy

      sorry forgot to add– a stylus also…

      • Cuerex

        samsung galaxy note 3 but by the way, octacore doesn’t mean anything at all.. more cores is not better for an operating system.. only faster/better/more efficient cores will get you better performance

        • Suzie

          But 8 faster/better/more efficient cores will get you amazing performance. Thus, MTK6592.

          • Cuerex

            not if the program/OS utilises only 1 core which is almost 9 from 10 times the case, so a better architectue qualcomm processor which has fewer cores but more transistors attached to each will act faster than a fully featured 8 core processor where more transistors have to be shared.. you would only get a reasonable performance boost when every app is optimised for 8 cores which won’t happen anytime soon

  • Furqan

    Now that you cant use 3g on it in china but wcdma internationally will work. How about you sell it to me!! i dont mind buying it from you! LMAO

  • zaikatanox

    Andi, I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work with China Unicom? Aren’t they using WCDMA 2100, and doesn’t the Find 7 supposedly support this frequency?

    And Yuan depreciation has meant only one thing: this phone is now cheaper for us living in the West. 3000 CNY actually works out to be less than 490 USD 🙂 Not a bad price considering that the SoC here (MSM8974-AB) is technically faster than the one in the Note 3 or Nexus 5.

    • Hi, the hardware does support it, but Oppo have chosen to black China Unicom for some reason (probably a pay off from China Mobile). We called Oppo China today and they confirmed that WCDMA 3G (along with LTE) will work fine outside of China, but if I want to use 3G in China I will need a China Mobile SIM.

      So I did a bit of digging and found this:

      Those are instructions on how to root and remove the “roaming policy” on the Find 7 for it to work on WCDMA in China. I haven’t tried it yet as I want to check feed back from others first (and wait for other options).

      • If this is true this is a NO BUY for me. I’m constantly traveling between china and europe and only unicom is offering reliable WCDMA in China which I need for my other devices. So I have a unicom contract running.

        I mean how can a hardware manuafacture do such a force decission for the user?

        Will the international version be able to run WCDMA Unicom in China?

        • zaikatanox

          The question is if rooting your OPPO phone will void its warranty. If it doesn’t, then maybe doing so won’t be such a bad thing.

          Also, just curious, do you spend the majority of your year in China that you care so much whether you will have 3G there 🙂 ?

          • Well 3G is a serious thing today, checking emails sending photos and so on… this don’t even need me to be my majority of the year in china. Currently its like 3 to 4 month a Year and this is long time enough for a argument in not buying it if the 3G is limited somehow.

            I really hope they fix it in a update soon.

        • I am hoping that either there will be an update, a more simple hack or that the international version of Color OS will fix this.

      • zaikatanox

        That’s a crazy decision by OPPO. Glad to know though that it supports
        850/1900 3G and 2100 LTE, so this phone should work fine with most 3G
        and LTE networks in Canada.

        Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, rooting won’t void the warranty of your OPPO phone (or did I get it confused with OPO?), so it may not be a bad idea to do it so you can use 3G with Unicom. Maybe you can even provide a step-by-step guide for those of us who don’t understand Chinese 🙂

        • Yep would be a nice feature, I’ll see what we can do 🙂

  • @andi: maybe a small article als comperison of the find 7a and the QHD Model would be nice. Also interested in battery lifetime. (Ok a fair comparison is only possible as soon as you get your hands on the QHD Version too)

    The thing which make me really mad now is the fact that oppo seems not to response to community questions at all. I Know it’s just a day after the launch but how could they do a launch and tell us not a single word about avaibility for the QHD Version? This remind me of the old days of Nvidia when they announced a “Paper Tiger” chip which only exists on paper not as actual product.

  • Congrats on the Puchase. Hope this site keeps growing.

    • Cheers Peter 😀

      • Gaurav Arora

        Did you actually buy one? Didn’t Oppo send a review unit?

  • Fred

    Great review, as always. Thanks Andi.

    No IR? There goes my universal remote 🙁

    What about FM radio?

    • I’ll have a full review next week. IR nope, FM I am not sure 😀

    • AStarbucks

      Yes, Andi, pls confirm if there is an FM radio for offline use. It is a potential deal breaker for international travellers/users. Some sites claim it has, others claim no. Oppo simply chooses to be silent on the issue. Thks!

  • Cuerex

    what is the speaker and headphone jack performance like?

    • Earphone performace is amazing, MaxxAudio is very very nice. I will try the speaker today

      • Cuerex

        thank you, I’m pretty much hyped up for this device.

        im just waiting about a review from you and marquess brownlee and i’m ready to order… even sooner when it is released for german i guess 😉

  • fe

    Chinese customers don’t have confidence in oppo find 7,the price are too high for the local brand,they would rather to buy others . what a pity..what does everyone look on find 7?(p.s:almostly,the technology enthusiasts in china don’t like samsung and xiaomi at all,but customs like them a lot)

  • Steve

    Hi Andy,
    1. how is the glass protection ? I found out that find 5 was no compare to gorilla galss and could still be scratched
    2. what about low light pictures (like in night club ? ) can it takes decent picture with no blurring ? what about compare to iphone photo post-processing ?
    Thank you very much !

    • Steve

      by post processing, I meant hardware processing , that makes iphone so great.. not software like photoshop etc..

  • Airyl

    Andi, how is the display compared to the JiaYu S2?

  • M Yusuf

    A Typo in the Specs

    ColorOS based on Android 4.3 not 4.2 😀

    Nice Review, I hope the O-band comes bundled with the Find7 (just like the O-click + N1)

  • Lars-Peter Dijkstra

    hi Andi. did you get play store on the find 7a? and did you root it? just ordered one at liaow.com (great shop!) and they will try to root it and put play store on it

    • Hi, I did not root it yet as I need access to a Windows machine to do it. Hope I can get it done soon.

      • Lars-Peter Dijkstra

        Liaow shop did root it! Check this

        Wil get mine this coming week! 😉

      • Lars-Peter Dijkstra

        Liaow shop managed to root the oppo find 7a! Will send it out on tuesday 🙂

  • Emzee007

    I am considering buying this phone myself. Really looking forward to your full review Andi! Will surely go a long way in helping me make my decision. Super confused between this and the Oppo N1 at this point 🙁

  • Kiran Fernandes

    since this is Android 4.3, im guessing it will be a bit heavy on the ram side… @Gizchina:disqus please give me a screenshot of the running apps and “Settings” should be visible… on 4.2.1, “Settings” takes between 50-200 MB ram sometimes… normally, its between 90 MB… so please let me know how much ram 4.3 uses…

    • I will try to do this, but you are right it does seem RAM heavy. But I believe this is mosty due to ColorOS.

      • Kiran Fernandes

        It has nothing to do with color OS. It has everything to do with android 4.3 jellybean… Android 4.2.1, 4.3 are definitely RAM hogs…. The system apps, especially the “settings” takes a lot of RAM… At stock, the RAM is already 500MB+ used…. Android 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 have some modifications so, it just consumes normal amount of RAM…

  • Kiran Fernandes

    I hope someone can port the Bravia Engine to this find 7…. Since the phone has a Sony sensor, then a bravia port should be a good option….. 😉

    When i had the bravia engine on my xperia pro(i lost it yeah…) the colours of the image were…. its really hard to explain, but i really liked the bravia engine…

  • Kiran Fernandes

    Could you make an article with the low light shots of the oppo find 7? Thats what I’m waiting to see! The Galaxy s5 performs really well in low light shots, especially when zoomed into the picture….

    Here is the low light shots of the S5, One M8, and z2, but as I can see, the s5 gives the most awesome shots! I want the Find 7 to beat the S5 in all aspects…..


  • AStarbucks

    So how long does it take to confirm whether there is an FM radio, Andi? You can offer a scoop and be the first to confirm whether it exists as a product spec.