OnePlus make a quiet update to Snapdragon 801

snapdragon 801

Oneplus quietly updated their Facebook profile picture to show an update to Snapdragon 801 last night.

One of the first official details of the OnePlus One phone was that it would use a Snapdragon 800 processor. The choice upset a few fans, but OnePlus defended the option as being with arguments that the 800 is more than powerful enough and that waiting for a different processor could put back the shipping date of the first phone.

All those arguments have been thrown over board now though as the phone will have a Snapdragon 801 processor instead. The updated to 801 will mean the Oneplus One could have a faster clock speed and much faster graphics than it would have had.

The update has come as a welcome surprise by many fans, we will keep a look out for an official explanation from OnePlus for the change of heart.

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