Xiaomi Mikey, a copy of Kickstarter’s Pressy?

Xiaomi Mikey, a copy of Kickstarter’s Pressy?


Not many are aware of this, but Xiaomi makes more than just cool smartphones; the company is known for its merchandise and addons as well, apart from other consumer electronics products.

Earlier today, Xiaomi showcased the MiKey, which is basically a 3.5mm plug designed to work with your Xiaomi smartphone. Not only will it protect your smartphone from dust, but it’ll actually act as an accessory using which you can control your device. The design is pretty straightforward — there’s just one button on the plug, which also helps keep it limited in size.


Depending on the number of clicks, certain applications/shortcuts can be assigned. Say for example, you are a sting operator. You require the services of your Xiaomi’s camera on short notice. You can simply assign one click to trigger the camera shutter/video, saving you the time and effort.


From what we make from the chart, the MiKey can recognize up to 10 clicks, which you can use to trigger different actions on your Xiaomi smartphone. The Xiaomi MiKey will go on sale starting 8th April for 4.9 Yuan ($0.80), which is perhaps when you can start ordering the accessory from your favourite reseller.

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  • Sakthi Ganesh
  • יואב שטרנברג

    Where can i order it?!?

  • Juanjo
  • bobo

    very innovative.

    • Jay

      Fully agree

    • Qwerty

      Haha, it already exist and its called pressy and costs $17

      • Fred

        $27 USD

      • bobo

        But Pressy can’t be bought right now, can it?

      • Rob

        Press costs a lot more and Kickstart order have to be shipped. And it’s been a while since I have gotten an update email about it. I think it was delayed until mid may.

  • many people want dedicated button for camera, it is strange that it wasn’t done before Xiaomi, so simple and rational

    • fgdfg

      It was done before Xiaomi; http://get.pressybutton.com/

      • didn’t know that, but pressy is still pre-sale, and unfortunately for pressy it will be smashed by its competitors

        • Kevin Cagle

          Xiaomi is just blatantly stealing the authors IP. Xiaomi is somehow involved with Pressy production in China and shipping them bunk product while they rush this complete ripoff to market.

  • Arash


  • Cuerex

    wasn’t this on kickstarter before?

    • Not exactly this, but yeah ‘Pressy’ as it is known as, goes for $27 apiece.

      • ben

        what is the difference between this and pressy?

        • Arash

          Same idea, the difference may be in configuration of the hardware – no of clicks etc

        • nothing, substantive. perhaps the pressy is better quality.

          so for US$27, by 35 MiKeys and have extras if you break them or loose them…

  • Jay

    Holy Christ! That’s some innovation, and a killer at it!

    Thank you for sharing Yash.

  • Ivo001

    People think this is innovative, but it is not very different to Pressy, it’s just much cheaper.

    • Irrelevant. Pressy builds on the foundation of other ideas that came before it. It’s quite simple internally, and so there isn’t much differentiable that others could do.

  • Will it be useable on non Xiaomi Android devices? Any Info on that?

    • Feher

      It will definitely work with any Android Device.

      • Ty, does xiaomi publish the neccessary app as apk or do we even will see it in the playstore?

    • Not sure about that, don’t think it will

  • Arash

    Kudos to Pressy Team for the idea! The device is unbelievably simple and efficient.
    Has Xiaomi got the rights for manufacturing this device?

  • Chris Rowley

    I would not trust this to work as planned nor be supported very well.

  • andro

    it was pioneered by pressy, was on kickstarter months back.

  • 4lexO

    Xiaomi stole the idea. I bought Pressy Button. I prefer pay 27$ for an innovative idea rather than chinese copy ! If you want pay 0,59$ stealers, do it. But you will pay stealers.

    • ratese

      pressy are scammers only, nothing else.

    • Dumbass

      You’re a dumbass most ideas are stole, yet you only target Chinese. Fucking bias piece of shit.

  • Guest

    OK. I’ve got a very basic question. Will it work with non-Xiaomi devices?

    Presumably, there’s an app that needs to be loaded to make the device do anything. Or is there?

    Now, for all you folks complaining about “lack of innovation”, the Pressy is NOT innovative. people have been sticking things into holes that they don’t belong in for a long time. Women know that men have been trying to “go in though the out door” since… well… forever.

    Anyone walking around Hong Kong or Shenzhen will see that tons of people have bought plastic dongles that plug into the headphone jack. In fact, while I can’t remember the phone, I do remember an old device that used the headphone plug as the anchor for a stylus on a lanyard.

    None of you would be crying “foul” if Xiaomi made a stylus. No cries to burn them at the stake to defend the honor of the Galaxy Note. Nor should you. The only difference here, other than the fact that Samsung “stole” the stylus from some earlier products, is that Pressy is a kickstarter project, and so a company doing the same thing as a garage inventor MUST be evil.

    Overall, I think that Pressy fails the obviousness rule, it’s not clear HOW the Pressy creator is planning on suing people that “copy” his work, but I don’t think it will be for patent infringement. Perhaps, he’ll sue them on the basis of “causing him emotional distress”… 😛

    The outrageous part is that the Pressy costs US$27. Clearly Xiaomi are making a profit, and they’re selling their version for $0.80. Regardless of how “high quality” Pressy claims to be, the gap in price is ridiculous. Pressy’s creator is pissed off because he want you all to fund his lifestyle. He’s afraid of competition because he’s selling his gadget with a 10000% margin.

  • I buy iKey from ebay but it dont work with any app, Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Michael Das

    IS offering a altenative for 2.99 with a coupon DJ4GB