Xiaomi Mikey, a copy of Kickstarter’s Pressy?

Not many are aware of this, but Xiaomi makes more than just cool smartphones; the company is known for its merchandise and addons as well, apart from other consumer electronics products.

Earlier today, Xiaomi showcased the MiKey, which is basically a 3.5mm plug designed to work with your Xiaomi smartphone. Not only will it protect your smartphone from dust, but it’ll actually act as an accessory using which you can control your device. The design is pretty straightforward — there’s just one button on the plug, which also helps keep it limited in size.


Depending on the number of clicks, certain applications/shortcuts can be assigned. Say for example, you are a sting operator. You require the services of your Xiaomi’s camera on short notice. You can simply assign one click to trigger the camera shutter/video, saving you the time and effort.


From what we make from the chart, the MiKey can recognize up to 10 clicks, which you can use to trigger different actions on your Xiaomi smartphone. The Xiaomi MiKey will go on sale starting 8th April for 4.9 Yuan ($0.80), which is perhaps when you can start ordering the accessory from your favourite reseller.

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