WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1s receives network license

The upgraded WCDMA Xiaomi Redmi 1S made its appearance over on the Tenaa website yesterday meaning Snapdragon powered Redmi’s will be on sale soon.

China Telecom customers have been able to enjoy the faster Snapdragon 400 version of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S since 20th February, and soon China Unicom and international WCDMA customers will be able to feel the extra power afforded by the Qualcomm chip.

xiaomi redmi 1s wcdma

The WCDMA version of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S passed through the Tenaa website yesterday afternoon, allowing Xiaomi to sell the phone to customers inside of China at around the same time as the Xiaomi Festival on April 9th. This is also the version of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S which Xiaomi will likely officially launch in Taiwan, HongKong and Singapore and resellers such as Xiaomi World will sell else where.

Pricing in China is expected to be around 799 Yuan for the 1S, international prices should be around $210.

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