Xiaomi release an easy way to install MIUI apps on a non MIUI device

xiaomi system app

Have you ever wished there was a way you could get the benefits of 3rd party ROM services and features without having to install new new ROM? Well if you like the look of MIUI and have a compatible device take a look at the new Xiaomi System Installation app.

Xiaomi have ported their hugely popular MIUI ROM over to hundreds of manufacturers phones, but the process of installing a Rooting and installing a ROM is just too much for some users and a simpler approach is needed.

One method is to create a simple tool which does all the handwork for you, similar to what CyanogenMod have done, however Xiaomi have made the process simpler still, and doesn’t even need the use of a PC to get it all set up.

The new Xiaomi System Installer app has bee created for fans of the Xiaomi UI look, popular apps and services. The 27.9MB installation file includes MIUI desktop, MIUI phone app, SMS, contacts and even access to Xiaomi’s cloud services for tracking your phone, backing up data and creating cloud photo galleries for sharing.

The App is in beta at the time of writing and only available for the following phones running Android 4.0 or above; Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 3, and certain Nexus devices. To install simply download the apk and install and away you go.

Xiaomi are also asking fans on their Chinese forums to vote for additional phone support and also for which features and services they want to see added to future updates.

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We personally love this idea and hope Meizu and Oppo will offer something similar with their Flyme and Color OS ROMS in the future.

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