Storedot’s Battery Powers Your Phone And Charges In Under A Minute

While smartphone and computer technology in general continues to progress at a fast pace, battery technologies have lagged far behind. While a few advancements have been made, most of our phone’s power demands have been met by either increasing the size of the battery or by figuring out ways to conserve power.

What is needed is a new approach. A few different companies are trying to figure out new ways to power our devices, one of the most promising of which is using biological energy to power our devices.

StoreDot’s ultraĀ fast charging battery sits near the top of the list of exciting battery technology.

The technology, like most things StoreDot is working on, is based off of Nanodots, tiny bioorganic peptide molecules 2 nanometers in diameter.

Eventually, StoreDot hopes the multifunctional nanodots will be used for everything from making television displays to LED lights, but one of its most promising applications is in power storage.

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StoreDot has built a prototype that can connect to a Samsung Galaxy S4, albeit with a smaller capacity size, that can be charged in under a minute. In the demo video (shown below) the device charges from 27 percent to full charge in about thirty seconds.

There are, as you would expect, some trade offs that prevent it from being ready for commercial release. The StoreDot battery is far larger than the phone itself. Ā It also needs a special plug, its charger is twice as large and twice as expensive compared to traditional chargers, and currently a phone needs to be modified to fit the battery.


StoreDot has plenty of time to fix those issues however, the company doesn’t expect commercial production of their battery to begin until 2016, but if they manage to fix those issues before then, our phones could be running on biological material before we know it.

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    April 8, 2014

    April fool!
    Video uploaded on 31th march and what should be the charge current? 30Ampere? šŸ˜‰