OnePlus Opening Up International Store

If you are hoping to get your hands on the upcoming OnePlus flagship phone, the OnePlus One, it is about to get a whole lot easier. OnePlus has announced that they are launching a new e-store that makes it a lot easier for international fans to purchase their phones.

The announcement was made on OnePlus’s forums, and the upcoming shop seems similar to OPPO’s offerings, but even more full featured.

The most obvious feature coming to the new site is localization. The OnePlus site will be translated into multiple languages and have individual sites for each territory. Furthermore, worrying about exchange rates will be a thing of the past as OnePlus’s website will allow users to buy in their native currency. Warehouses have been set up in the European Union that phones will ship from, eliminating the VAT tax and allowing for returns and exchanges to be completed in days or at most a few weeks, rather than months when dealing with returns to China.

This also allows OnePlus to offer warranties and customer service. They promise that their customer service reps will have “excellent English skills” but they will also have reps available using translation tools to help in customer support if needed. OnePlus said if their international launch is successful, they will hire customer service reps from several areas.

As for payment, in addition to the presumed Credit Card purchases, you will also be able to shop at the OnePlus store using Paypal.

But what really makes the store special (at least in my opinion) is that they will list what carriers in what countries will support cell service for their phones. No more researching frequency bands before making a purchase!

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These features, if they launch without any hiccups,  make the OnePlus One the most readily accessible Chinese phone manufacturer in international markets. This is a throne currently occupied by Oppo, but users do have to pay import taxes on Oppo products and they don’t always make it easy to figure out what carriers support their phones.

Like the Oppo N1, the OnePlus One will launch with Cyanogenmod installed.

OnePlus has yet to announce what countries will be included in its international launch, but nations in the EU are confirmed and the United States and Canada are highly likely. Other Asian countries are also on the short list. In all, the company plans to launch the OnePlus One in a dozen countries simultaneously, and then will expand to other areas.

OnePlus plans to reveal the OnePlus One near the end of this month, including launch details.

[Photo Credit: OnePlus]
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