OnePlus Calls Out Samsung Through Google Plus

The OnePlus One’s launch plans will be announced on April 23rd, less than two weeks after Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is released on the world.

OnePlus would obviously prefer that you hold on to your cash until their flagship phone comes out, and they just put out an infographic highlighting why they think you should wait, and point out you would save a bit of money doing so (when buying off contract anyway).

The infographic was surprisingly honest. While you would expect OnePlus to simply highlight the factors that give the OnePlus One an advantage over the Galaxy S5, they actually included some specs where the opposite is true.



As you’ll notice, most of the specs sit in the OnePlus One’s favor. The noticeable exceptions (which make it surprising OnePlus included them) is the inclusion of a heart rate sensor  in the S5 and the higher megapixel count in the S5’s camera.

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Now, it should be pointed out that megapixels don’t always equal a better camera. The OnePlus’ camera has more lenses and a shorter f-stop than the S5. While we are far past the point of megapixels being the “end all, be all” of cell phone cameras, it is still interesting to see OnePlus mention it.

Of course, all the important stats where they differ, ROM Capacity, the amount of RAM and the price, the OnePlus comes out on top.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus has called out the competition, they previously made a similar infographic about the HTC One m8.

What isn’t mentioned, however, are the Galaxy S5’s special features. Namely, the hybrid auto focus of its camera, the battery saving mode and the water resistant qualities. The S5 also has an SD card slot, whereas the OnePlus One does not.

Still, with the OnePlus One yet to be completely revealed, we don’t know what special features it will contain, and this infographic makes a compelling argument for the OnePlus One when considering pure specs and price.

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  1. CryosR
    April 11, 2014

    It could be nice to have dual-sim version of One+.
    Single sim is not interesting to me

    • Marius
      April 11, 2014


  2. Geir Vinnes
    April 11, 2014

    Are you sure Oneplus One does not have an SD card slot ?
    I have not seen that confirmed anywhere else.

    • Ian DeMartino
      April 11, 2014

      That seems to be the indication by the exclusion of mentioning expandable storage and the 64GB model. It also something frequently mentioned on the OnePlus social media hype for the OnePlus One, and OnePlus hasn’t come out to deny it, suggesting that it isn’t included. I have asked my Editor to update the article to include that it is a “rumor” although it appears fairly concrete at this point.

  3. JB
    April 11, 2014

    The sooner Chinese phone makers start to realise that hardware specification is only half of the equation the sooner they will become more widely accepted by ‘mainstream’ users and buyers will be able to differentiate between brands and models and have some brand loyalty and trust. Firmware and customer support are just as important. Models are released riddled with bugs and users rely on forum support for fixes as phone makers ignore issues and customer emails. New models are released before the current model’s problems are resolved.

    • Simon
      April 11, 2014

      How long do you think someone should wait until purchasing the OnePlus One once released ?

      • JB
        April 11, 2014

        It is hard to know. Different phone makers are better than others at perfecting ROM’s before release and then releasing updates afterward, plus bugs can range from minor annoyances to quite serious flaws… you don’t know until you have one in your hand or can wait to hear of others experience. I usually do some homework, fix what I can myself and then pay a developer do what is beyond my capabilities. By the time the phone is how I want it, the model is usually obsolete. What really grates me is when you reorder the exact same model and your custom ROM doesn’t work anymore because they have changed the hardware inside.

        • April 12, 2014

          This is Cyanogen’s first phone. They work pretty fast under normal conditions. With this one, they have something to prove, and I’m willing to bet that the ROM will be either flawless, or have fixes in hours (if not minutes) of bug reports being sent in.

          These guys are the TOP coders available, and they originally banded together because they have issues with authority (both the carriers and big manufacturers). They don’t just want to succeed, they want to give Samsung a “black eye”.

    • Airyl
      April 11, 2014

      Cyanogenmod 11s seems like a good start for firmware, since Cyanogenmod release updates frequently. No idea on customer support yet, but from an earlier Gizchina post, it seems it’ll be fine. We’ll have to wait up find it though.

  4. r.m
    April 11, 2014

    i thought that the oneplus one has sd card expansion?????!?!

    • Jimmy J.
      April 11, 2014

      It will not, why else there should be a 64 GB version? Normally an indication for a messing sd-card slot 🙁

      • Geir Vinnes
        April 11, 2014

        Samsung has 64 GB internal memory and an memory card slot on some of
        their phones, Another thing is that a phone like the Oppo Find 7 has 32 GB internal and support for SD cards up to 128 GB which gives a total of 160 GB, that will leave the Oneplus far behind regarding storage if it does not support SD card. so I think we will have to wait and see what choice Oneplus has made.
        I really hope for an SD card slot on the Oneplus, then I will buy this phone for sure 🙂

      • April 12, 2014

        Considering the extreme marketing focus that OnePlus has, if they DID have a SD card slot, they would be saying, “Advanced Type-X microSD supporting up to 2TB microXCSD with type10 UHS type 4… etc.”

        Since they’re been quiet, they probably don’t want to discuss the issue. They got a LOT of negative feedback with their Snapdragon 800 decision, and they were forced to switch to the 801 because of it. Now, while I’m sure there was already a “800 vs. 801” debate going on internally, they really can’t change the mechanical design as easily, so they’re not discussing this.

  5. April 11, 2014

    a bestseller without a doubt..

  6. Fred
    April 11, 2014

    I think it would be better not to conclude the OPO will not have SD card. On what basis are you claiming this?

    Let’s wait for the release to actually get the facts.

  7. Chris Wong
    April 11, 2014

    “The OnePlus’ camera has more lenses and a shorter f-stop than the S5”. lol ok. You mean larger aperture and more lens elements

    • Ian DeMartino
      April 11, 2014

      Yes sorry, I know next to nothing about photography. I am working on that and have been reading a little bit as it has become more apparent that knowing the ins and outs of photography specs is becoming more important when it comes to reporting on cellphone cameras. I did research last night while writing this article and thought I had figured it out.

      Clearly, I had not, I apologize.

      Never thought I would have to learn about photography to talk about gadgets.

      • April 12, 2014

        Haha… ask Andi to send you to cover the PMA and NAB shows! It will be a quick education! 😉

        Ask Chris pointed out, when talking about a smaller F-stop number, you should say things like, “larger aperture”, “brighter lens”. Lower F-stop also creates a Bokeh effect that is often prefered for portraits.

        When shooting gadgets at trade shows I prefer a 35MM F1.2 lens. The 50MM lens forces me to stand too far away from the devices (so people walk in between!) and I haven’t found a 24MM that I like without distortion…

        It’s great that we’re getting F1.8 lens on mobiles now. I’m hoping we’ll get “more glass” soon and get some F1.4 options too! Considering that selfies are the most common photo, cameras with good Bokeh will be a big selling point!

      • Chris Wong
        April 12, 2014

        I’m surprised manufacturers are actually calling out these things in specifications these days. We’re come a long way since megapixels

  8. toioioio
    April 11, 2014

    The one plus has to have the same if not better features overall, which till now, it doesn’t.
    So the s5 is the winner hands down.

    • April 12, 2014

      I can’t agree with you on this. I’ve gone to a LOT of trouble to install CM on my old Samsung devices, and just the fact that the OPO comes with it standard is a HUGE plus. And it’s supported, and tuned for the device, and and and…

      In what universe does the S5 beat them because it has a heart rate monitor???

      Also, lets not forget the remote kill switch in the S5. It’s being positioned as a way to protect your data if it gets stolen, but I think that 99% of the time it’s going to be used to brick the phone if you bought it through a carrier and try to move to a new carrier.