OnePlus Calls Out Samsung Through Google Plus

The OnePlus One’s launch plans will be announced on April 23rd, less than two weeks after Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is released on the world.

OnePlus would obviously prefer that you hold on to your cash until their flagship phone comes out, and they just put out an infographic highlighting why they think you should wait, and point out you would save a bit of money doing so (when buying off contract anyway).

The infographic was surprisingly honest. While you would expect OnePlus to simply highlight the factors that give the OnePlus One an advantage over the Galaxy S5, they actually included some specs where the opposite is true.



As you’ll notice, most of the specs sit in the OnePlus One’s favor. The noticeable exceptions (which make it surprising OnePlus included them) is the inclusion of a heart rate sensor  in the S5 and the higher megapixel count in the S5’s camera.

Now, it should be pointed out that megapixels don’t always equal a better camera. The OnePlus’ camera has more lenses and a shorter f-stop than the S5. While we are far past the point of megapixels being the “end all, be all” of cell phone cameras, it is still interesting to see OnePlus mention it.

Of course, all the important stats where they differ, ROM Capacity, the amount of RAM and the price, the OnePlus comes out on top.

This isn’t the first time OnePlus has called out the competition, they previously made a similar infographic about the HTC One m8.

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What isn’t mentioned, however, are the Galaxy S5’s special features. Namely, the hybrid auto focus of its camera, the battery saving mode and the water resistant qualities. The S5 also has an SD card slot, whereas the OnePlus One does not.

Still, with the OnePlus One yet to be completely revealed, we don’t know what special features it will contain, and this infographic makes a compelling argument for the OnePlus One when considering pure specs and price.

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