The KingSing T1 is the worlds most affordable Octacore smartphone

kingsing t1

Take the design of the Note 3, shrink it down to 5-inch and mix in an octacore MT6592 chipset and you have just created the Kingsing T1! Aka the worlds most affordable octacore smartphone!

Kingsing are another up and comer from China who have created a line of affordable Android smartphones aimed primarily at markets outside of China. Looking over the official website shows a variety of affordable Android phones of various sizes, however it is the octacore KingSing T1 which grabbed my attention.

Think of the Kingsing T1 as a Galaxy Note 3 mini and you will have a good idea in your mind of what to expect! The screen is a 5-inch (qHD) model, there is an 8 mega-pixel main camera with LED flash around the rear, a removable cover reveals a 2800mAh battery and there is that octacore chipset and 1GB RAM on board too!

kingsing t1

The KingSing T1 is already on sale internationally, a quick Google search showed up a number of resellers offering the octacore phablet for less than $160! That’s the most affordable octacore we have seen.

Edit: KingSing have sent a rather large parcel. I will open it later today hopefully there will be a T1 inside plus some other interesting phones. Keep posted.

[ Kingsing, Kingsing Facebook ]
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