MediaTek showcases the octa-core, LTE-flavoured MT6595

The MediaTek MT6595 octa-core SoC was finally showcased by the Taiwanese fabricator earlier today, after more than 2 months since announcement.

As announced previously, the chipset remains to be a 32-bit one, sticking to the big.LITTLE architecture. It is the on-board LTE support that grabs our attention more than anything else on this chipset. Chinese devices (among other low-cost ones) have, for long, suffered from lack of proper connectivity, something which the MT6595 aims to eliminate.

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The SoC combines the goodness of 4x Cortex A17 cores running at 2.2GHz along with another four Cortex A7 ones which operate at a slightly slower frequency of 1.7GHz. Gaming, video, etc. are handled by the PowerVR G6200 GPU which offers support for Ultra HD 4K2K video playback as well as capture. What this means is that next gen displays, i.e., those with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1440p will be supported by this chipset. The last feather in the cap (graphics-wise) comes in the form of support for camera sensors up to 20 mega-pixel in resolution.

However, like we said earlier, it is the on-board LTE modem (among other modems) on this chipset that will get the most footage. The MT6595 will support TD-LTE/FDD-LTE/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/GSM all without any trouble, which should allow Chinese smartphones (these happen to favour MediaTek over the likes) greater acceptability in other regions.

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  1. ben
    April 14, 2014

    What a pity that the GPU is just a PowerVR G6200! 🙁

    • highwind
      April 14, 2014

      What do you expect of a budget chip?
      G6200 MP2 is about as powerfull as SGX554 MP4 (=iPad4 GPU) which was “highend” only a few month ago

  2. Airyl
    April 14, 2014

    It’s finally here. Wonder which brand will start using it first?

  3. POY
    April 14, 2014

    “MediaTek showcases the source of its chipset”

    Said nobody ever. Whats the bet this chip runs on 4.2?

    • highwind
      April 15, 2014

      Hopefully 4.2… no need for buggy Kitkat with “better integration of Google services” aka more spyware

  4. agismaniax
    April 14, 2014

    waiting for kitkat from mediatek