Official: Mediatek Announces octacore MT6595 with built-in 4G LTE

Official: Mediatek Announces octacore MT6595 with built-in 4G LTE


Mediatek have just officially announced their octacore MT6595 processor, their first processor with built-inn 4G lte support.

In November of 2013, Taiwanese chispet maker Mediatek, released the worlds first true octacore processor. The MT6592 octacore runs all 8-cores at once and received a faster GPU and clock speeds of either 1.7Ghz and 2.0ghz.

Mediatek’s newly launched MT6595 chipset builds on the original octacore SoC but adds 4G lte and a mixture of ARM A17 and A7 which will use ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture similar to Samsung’s Exynos Octacore chipset.

Mediatek have really packed the the octacore MT6595 chipset with some stunning features and hope that their new processor will take on the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 805 processors, other features of the new chip include;

Mediatek Octacore MT6595 4G LTE SoC specifications

  • Rogue PowerVR Series 6 GPU.
  • 4 x ARM Cortex-A7 and 4 x ARM Cortech A17 cores.
  • big.LITTLE.
  • On chip 4G LTE, TD-SCMDA, WCDMA and GSM support.
  • Ultra HD 4K2K video playback and capture.
  • Support for up to 20 mega-pixel cameras.
  • Support for WQXGA 2560 x 1600 displays.
  • GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Gailieo and QZSS.
  • Ultra low-power Bluetooth.

Mediatek are hoping that more manufacturers will adopt their processors this year and plans to expand in to the U.S market, which to us suggests that at least one of the new Meizu MX4G phones will pack this processor.

As for a launch date, OEMS will be receiving samples soon with phones running the octacore MT6595 chipset going on sale from the 2nd half of this year!

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  • Vlastimil Čech

    Amazing YEAH.. Now only wait for some models with big Baterry 3000mah++ and display max. 5.3 and resolution max. Full Hd 😉

    • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

      I agreed with u man! i will love a TCL Idol X+ with this chip update 😉

  • Ray Quest

    really so are the released ? or what is the expect date of release

  • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

    I really love this Article and the fact that it will be avaible soon ^^

  • I love what Mediatek is doing. but will phones that pack this new chipset also be sold at pocket friendly costs? I suppose Cortex A17 should be faster than A15. That means more money I suppose.

    • natocTo

      A17 is probably slower than A15. About 60% power of A15. But is more power effidence. I read it somewhere, just google it.

      • Well, my mistake in the previous post. Its actually A17 is 60% more powerful than A9. Though less powerful compared to A15 but no mention of the percentage level. Check AnandTech website for info.

        • Peter

          A15 is 40% faster than A9. So A17 is faster

      • highwind

        Either you misunderstood something or the article you read was plain wrong…

        If the A17 would be 60% slower than the A15, it would just be as fast as the A7/A9 and therefore it would make absolutely no sense to build a LITTLE.big setup with A7 and A17

  • Joholn

    The chip worth waiting for, Octa core on its own was not much of an upgrade but LTE is. Luckily 2100 is my providers freq in UK so it should be covered but only time will tell.

  • highwind

    big.LITTLE with A17 plus LTE sounds like a very good package!

  • $3003525

    wow galileo gps support 🙂

  • Ace

    I expected them to go for cortex a12. This is good, they’re finally getting to using proper CPU Cores. 4x A17 would be best imo, since it can scale down because it has an embedded a7, but i guess it’s there for marketing reasons.

    • billybloggs

      wonder what this will score on Antutu?

      • kleautzak

        If you don’t have a Phone it won’t score at antutu at all!

      • Ace

        30 to 40 thousand, assuming they use the same gpu (Different frequency) as in the 6592

        • Jason

          This one supports PowerVr and the non lte version is Mali gpu

  • manohar basavaraju

    Great News !!!
    Now all we expect is pocket friendly price with latest specs from reputed Brand with great looks & best Battery. I am sure everyone will ditch their current phone & buy this.
    This is the time every Tech enthusiast was waiting anxiously for…

    All they have to do is to release the source code for their Kernel along with this new chip just like Samsung… and see the growth of this new invention.
    I am sure even the Mediatek wont believe its humongous success !!!

    Way to go Mediatek… Right product at the right moment… Now Qualcomm is really feeing the Heat… will have to wait for their reply. They made fun of Octacore when Mediatek released their first true Octacore CPU back in November…
    Pls come up with better competition Qualcomm….

    • Dr-Shadow

      Mediatek doesn’t need to publish kernel source, they don’t sell phones.
      This is manufacturers role to publish kernel source
      Be carefull about what you say

      • rdeleonp

        Qualcomm doesn’t sell phones either, yet they provide a boatload of helpful items for Android developers, including software libraries, sample code, and documentation. They provide an optimized version of the Dalvik VM for use on Snapdragon based phones, and even lead the “Linux Kernel for MSM” project, for crying out loud. MediaTek’s support for Android, in comparison, is pretty much non existent for everyone but their SoC customers. MediaTek doesn’t care for the Android ROM comunity, at all. As long as that is the case, I ain’t buying anything with a MediaTek SoC inside. Nexus FTW!

        • Dr-Shadow

          Mediatek support for Android is nice with manufacturers. They provide a ready-to-build tree easy to customize.
          Manufacturers don’t do their job to publish kernel sources, that’s worst (copyright violated !)
          In future Mediatek will maybe open some of their source (they changed kernel to 3.10 and android version to 4.4 for MT6595) only if they change their actual structure of srctree
          It is a bit complicated to do (I own full source, I can see that…)

  • billybloggs

    Nice, maybe a phone at 4.5″ full HD, 2 Gb RAM, and a big battery, some of us like a smaller phone. Just hope the GPS is up to snuff.

  • Andrei Shevchuk

    I strongly hope they’ll fix GPS issues.

  • toioioio

    I wonder, should i go umi x3 or wait?

  • Peter

    I seriously doubt this, since arm announced that a17 will be for q2 of 2015. A17 is faster than a15! However I really hope this is true. Mediatek does some really awesome work with the optimization of their CPUs compared to rockchip or all winner..

  • Fred

    Great news. ARM A17 is 32-bit though, right? Still this is fantastic, getting ARM’s cutting edge tech onto their chipset.

    Can anyone confirm if the LTE is actually the base version or actually LTA Advanced (LTE-A)?