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Huawei’s problems started after the US government imposed a ban on the company back in May this year. The ban prohibits companies with US technology …

Foxconn Apple

Apple continues to reinforce its chip design division: it recently hired Mike Filippo, who has a ten-year history at Arm, as well as working at …

Huawei kirin 990

News after news, Huawei’s future are getting darker. The US ban has not only impacted the US market, but risks jeopardizing the company’s overall performance. …

apple arm

Apple recently unveiled an Initiative code named Marzipan. This enables developers to develop apps , tools and games at once for all its devices. Previously …

The latest leaks shows that the rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 8180 processor (SCX8180), also known as Snapdragon 1000 (SDM1000), codenamed Poipu, has an amazing 8.5 billion …

No matter how you consider or know about the name “Arm” it is a part of your life. The company is behind the process of …

Today, ARM officially announced the launch of its new Mali G52 and Mali G31 GPU. The former is designed for high-end devices and it focuses …

Windows on ARM

Microsoft has been thinking about making ARM-based laptops for a while. They are promised to be way cheaper and to provide way longer battery life. …

hisense chromebook

Here’s a demo of the world’s first ever Chromebook powered by a MediaTek processor, the MT8173.

According to reports, Samsung could be working on its own series of GPUs for its popular Exynos series of chipsets!

Details of Mediatek’s first 64-BIT processors confirm ARM Cortex A53 architecture, and 4G LTE support.

With the sort of growth Google’s Android has seen in the past few years, it is only logical to try and have it running on devices other than smartphones and tablets. Android is designed to run on devices on the ARM architecture, but most desktops and laptops of today have x86 processors which aren’t natively compatible to run Android.

In October of last year, Mediatek announced it was preparing its own 64-BIT processors for smartphones, now more details have emerged.

Mediatek have just officially announced their octacore MT6595 processor, their first processor with built-inn 4G LTE support.

a huawei 7 inch tablet has been revealed thanks to the folks at gsminsider and bluetooth’s product database. We try to figure out what CPU is inside.

British Chip maker ARM have gone and leaked the unreleased Huawei P6S octa-core phone on their official Weibo account.

It has now come to fore that the company has managed to procure appropriate licenses to be able to use the current most advanced ARM instruction sets and architectures. Rockchip are now eligible to use the ARM Cortex-A57, Cortex-A53, Cortex-A12 architectures on their upcoming series of chipsets, the RK32xx.

ARM have just unveiled two new Mali GPus, the mid-range Mali-T720 to replace the current Mali 400 and 450, and a flagship Mali-T670.

Mediatek have gone on the record to confirm that they have LTE baseband support in the works and a processor will launch early next year.

MediaTek and ARM have signed a deal allowing the Taiwanese chip maker to use ARM’s Cortex A50 processors and ARM Mali Graphics chips.