OnePlus One will be sold via invitations!

oneplus invite system

If you want to get your hands on the OnePlus One Android phone you won’t be expected to preorder the device and wait, instead you will have to be invited!

In usual OnePlus fashion the OnePlus One phone will not be sold in a normal manner, so no waiting online (or in a long queue) hoping to be one of the lucky few to but it at launch. Instead fans will be invited to buy the phone! We are not 100% sure how OnePlus will send out the first lot of invites, but the chances are high that active forum members will be among the first to get a chance to buy the phone.

The good news is that once the first invites are sent out those invited will be able to invite others and so on. According to OnePlus invites will also be available through cometitions, and via their forum.

I can personally see the benefits of such a system, but can also see how some fans are going to be rather angry and put off. What do you think about this invitation only system?

[ Via OnePlus Forums ]
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