Xiaomi Adds Vietnam, Turkey And Russia To Expansion Plans

We have documented Xiaomi’s steady march across Asia all year. They already informed us of their plans to move into several new markets, but tucked into Xiaomi’s reveal of three devices (none of which, unfortunately, was the MiPad) was a listing of what other countries the company plans to expand to later this year.

We already knew that Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Mexico and Brazil were a part of their plans. At the reveal event Lei Jun added Turkey, Russia and Vietnam to the list. Xiaomi’s Twitter also tweeted out the list.

Xiaomi’s successes are well known at this point, and it comes as absolutely no surprise that they are continuing to expand to other markets. It’s hard to keep in mind that the company is only four years old, considering their success. Their direct to sale model has kept prices low and flash sales have kept hype and anticipation high.

Xiaomi has big plans for this year, hoping to sell at least 60 million phones. With these additional markets, along with Taiwan and Singapore also recently entering the fold, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them reach that goal.

Every Xiaomi expansion article is littered with “when will they come to [enter country here]?” Now, we can say definitively, if your country is not on the list above, not this year.

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