Xiaomi releases OpenWRT code for MiRouter

Xiaomi have opened up to developers by releasing the OpenWRT framework that they use on their Xiaomi MiRouter.

The MiRouther is Xiaomi’s largest of most feature packed router that officially went on sale to the general public last week. The MiRouter is designed to be the hub of your office or house hold by providing fast internet connection and room for up to a 1TB built-in hard drive. The DIY router runs on OpenWRT, a Linux based framework, which Xiaomi have just released the source code too so developers can hack and their routers to do more than Xiaomi initially envisioned.

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  1. Fred
    May 1, 2014

    That sounds sweet!

    Yeah, they may plagiarise, but unlike Mediatek, they have the guts to open source their code.


    • May 2, 2014

      i’m not sure why you equate open source with plagiarism.

      it’s good to see that they are using an open source package for their hardware!

  2. Mitu
    May 2, 2014

    Good they support this but I wish Xiaomi did the same for the Hongmi/Redmi. They always said an Android smartphone should have Root by default. Well they didn’t on the Hongmi, they won’t release the developer edition for the Hongmi which has Root by default. They rather see us use recovery and ROM versions that I don’t know the origin of and what malicious code it could contain.

  3. Dennis Henriquez
    May 2, 2014

    It’s a miracle! A christimas miracle! Ops…
    Xiaomi releasing a source framework?! Now I have a little hope in Xiaomi future, now they must have continuing releasing the source of their phones to gain some respect from the serious developers ho hate Xiaomi past and polices