CyanogenMod spotted on the Oppo Find 7

cyanogenmod find7

It’s looking more and more likely that we won’t be getting an official Cyanogenmod build for the Oppo Find 7, however that doesn’t necessarily mean it is never going to happen.

As it has turned up that Oppo and OnePlus are one company and that the major difference between the Find 7a and OnePlus One is the operating system (well that and the price), many Find 7 owners are worried that CM will not become an official ROM of the flagship Oppo phone. Oppo have been quiet about the fact and have yet to reply to emails which I had sent over a week ago, so it is not looking good at all.

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However, lack of official support is never going to keep a good ROM down and developers here in China are already hard at work to bring CyanogenMod to the 5.5-inch Find 7. It is unclear how far along the development of the ROM has come, but from the above photos posted on Weibo, we can see the ROM appears to install and run on the Find 7’s hardware.

Another option might be to just wait for the OnePlus One version of CM11S to become available and see if that will run on the Find 7’s hardware (chances are it should work with little to no fettling). Still we would really prefer to see what Oppo have in mind and hope that CM and Oppo are still going to work together in the future.

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  1. May 2, 2014

    Andi, perhaps Gizchina could reach out to Cyanogen Inc. and confirm that the “unofficial” Find 7 and 7a support will be installable with the CyanogenMod Installer.

    Also, perhaps we could get them to support some of the great hardware coming from Vivo. I would be great to get a CM11 option for the Xplay 3s and Xshot.

    We could even go as far as creating a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a developer bounty to port CM11 to Vivo (and other hardware).