Xiaomi Mi3S Pictured In Leaks

Xiaomi Mi3S Pictured In Leaks


We’ve been hearing a lot about Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi3S device, but now leaks are giving us our first possible look at the highly anticipated device.

Falling in line with previous rumors, these alleged shots of the Mi3S seem to include a more metal design. An image containing the device’s specs that was revealed previously was posted with the images, but the zoomed out images of the device itself, if they are legitimate, offer our first look at the device as a whole. It is clear from the photos that the two devices are not exactly the same (one is painted white, the other black) but they do bear some resemblance. However. a bit of glare prevents us from confirming that definitively.

It also features rounded edges, making it look not unlike the recent iPhone leaks. Interestingly enough, the Weibo account responsible for the leak has been taken down, however a new account with a similar name has taken its place and continues to post the photos.

Again, these photos remain unconfirmed, but they do match up with previous rumors quite well. Xiaomi should launch the Mi3S at some point this year, although exactly when and for how much remains to be seen.

The Mi3S is expected to boast a 2.5 Ghz Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 5 inch 1080p screen, a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front facing camera.

We will keep you up to date on the Mi3s as more information becomes available.

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  • Browny Brown

    I hope the 16 GB will be expandable with a microSD card.

    • It won’t.

    • Ian DeMartino

      Previous leaks of the packaging seemed to indicate a 64GB model. I put that in my article but I think I accidentally edited it out while removing something else. That is also unconfirmed, however.

  • $2548414

    Speculations & Surmises…do not news make…

    • Ian DeMartino

      You would prefer we waited until an official announcement? I seem to remember some controversy when Andi decided to do that. A legitimate looking leak reported on by a major Chinese tech site? That is news. It is not confirmed news, but I clearly stated that it was a rumor. Rumors are at least 30% of tech news, even on the huge sites, I don’t know where you have been during this whole internet revolution thing, but that is kind of how the tech scene works.

      • $2548414

        Ian – i guess that is perhas now the way of life …sad but fact..

  • smokey

    looks like iphone or jiayu phones d…if the pictures are true, then it wont stand out from the crowd

  • Axdi

    Does anyone know or can guess when will Xiaomi officially reveal / launch the Mi3s ?

  • rememberus

    Sony and HTC have made me hate xiaomi designs,even this one

  • Oliver Ward

    looks like a rather uninspired design. did they just hire Huawei’s handset design team?

  • Qidamin

    Design looks boring, I don’t think the Mi3S will be like this. Anyway next event for Xiaomi products is 15th of may! they should release Mi3S and why not the MiPad

    • liljohn

      True! Old-school low end design, in term of design mi need to learn from sony, htc or oppo, but more importantly, be original! Set the bar high, first sight impression matters!

  • iANDROID8.1

    I rather like the Lumia-ish design rather than this :3 come on Xiaomi I perosnally admire you’re company just take time to think of a good design 🙂

    • liljohn

      I’m with you

    • Lemerle29

      I’d say that after the criticism toward Mi3, the company is looking for a more low key design to sell some Mi3 while waiting for the launch of the Mi4…. It doesn’t surprise me.

  • Alonso Cazorla

    Very nice