Rumor: Vivo Looking To Break Thinness Record Once Again With ‘Vivo X4’

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All the attention paid to Vivo is currently focused on its upcoming Xshot phone. That phone’s claim to fame is its camera, which Vivo claims will be among the best smartphone cameras available. However, there is another series of phones made by Vivo outside of the Xshot/Xplay line. The X line’s claim to fame was its HI-FI sound and ultra thin profile.

When the Vivo X3 launched in the second half of last year, it held the title for the world’s thinnest smartphone. Sitting at 5.75mm thin, it held the title for a little over six months before the ELIFE S5.5 came along and beat it by 0.25mm, (5.5mm) hardly noticeable, but enough to steal the crown for the world’s thinnest smartphone.

According to sources, Vivo’s Product Director, Huang Tao, has stated that the company plans to recapture the world’s thinnest smartphone crown.

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The next phone in the X series (should we go ahead and call it the Vivo X4?) will use better materials he says, in order to reclaim the record. Of course, the biggest problem facing Vivo, and any smartphone manufacturer concerned with making their phone the thinnest, is battery life. A thinner phone means a smaller battery, which in turn means a shorter battery life.

Tao has a plan for this as well, it plans to utilize the latest in power-saving features. If this means something similar to the Galaxy S5’s black and white mode or simply less power hungry components remains to be seen.

How much consumers care about thinness at this point is a question that remains to be answered. Shaving a few inches off of a phone’s thickness was a big deal in the 00s, when phones were the size of small bricks, but will consumers really care about shaving off another quarter of a millimeter?

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  1. Browny Brown
    May 4, 2014

    Nope, we don’t care. A 5 mm thin phone is weird. I would like to see a big battery.

    • Faux-News
      May 4, 2014

      If the 5mm phone was at the same time having a screen size of 4.5″, it would be great and not really weird. But most likely the phone would be larger than vivo X3 and probably be 5.5″inch version and that is what would make it weird.

      • waterresist
        May 4, 2014


    • Steve
      May 10, 2014

      When you say “We don’t care”, who are you talking about? Do you represent everyone? I, for one, love the way manufacturers are offering super-slim phones. If you want a thicker phone, go and buy one. If so someone came out with a new phone that was 20mm thick with a massive battery would you buy it? My guess is no. You would criticise it for its thickness. The good thing is that we have the choice. Super-thin & lovely design and maybe sacrifice a bit of run-time, medium thickness & standard run-time, or thick & good run-time. Take your pick, but don’t criticise the super-slim phones. I’ll be buying another slim phone to replace my Huawei P6 as soon as I find one with good spec. Because “we” love the thinness 🙂

      • Browny Brown
        May 10, 2014

        Well, if you add 3mm, you can have 3000 mAh battery, and 3mm it’s not such a big difference. Now, it’s your choice.

  2. amirexpressir
    May 4, 2014

    I think the best way to make it work(for Battery shortage Purpose) is giving “free Leather Powerbank Case” in the package so that then the Customers won’t have any problem with Battery when more thinness has been promised

  3. Qwerty
    May 4, 2014

    Maybe the xshot will be the next in the X series? It starts with an X.

  4. May 4, 2014

    As a customer. I’d rather have them spend resources on the next version of the Xplay. Chasing the “thinness” record seems silly.

    Alternately, it would be great if they could divert these resources to internationalization of to Google Play or Cyanogen versions of their flagship phones.

  5. agismaniax
    May 4, 2014

    very thin, big battery and 5.5″ screen is not weird, it’s awesome.