More fuzzy photos of a possible Xiaomi Mi3S device appear

xiaomi mi3s

Rumour has it that Xiaomi will be redesigning the Mi3S to be the ‘best looking’ Xiaomi phone to date. Well if this fuzzy image is the new phone what do you think of it?

Chinese tech reporters have been discussing the possibility of the Xiaomi Mi3S for months now, even Xiaomi had slipped up a few weeks ago when they asked fans on Facebook and Twitter what they would like to see from a phone name the Mi3S. However, despite new device launches and even an MI3 price drop we have still to officially see the real device in the flesh.

Purported leaked images have appeared though, the first leaks looking a lot like a Huawei device, now these images which a look not far off LG’s most recent phones. The images are still very much unverified, but do appear to show an alloy bodied phone with a Mi logo on the rear.

From earlier reports the Xiaomi Mi3S is believed to get an 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel front camera and 4G LTE, along with narrower bezels.

What do you think of this design? Real or not is this the type of device you want from Xiaomi?

[ Weibo ]
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