Chinese Price For Ascend P7 Price Confirmed Lower Than Elsewhere

After Huawei’s reveal, we know pretty much everything there is to know about the Ascend P7. The device’s look, specs and rough release date have all been revealed. While we thought we knew its price, it turns out the Ascend P7 will be sold for quite a bit cheaper than what Huawei is trying to sell if for overseas.

While Huawei’s reported international price is €449 (3893 RMB, $625) was announced at the device’s reveal, it appears that the device will go for quite a bit cheaper than that. The Ascend P7 is available for presale on for 2888 RMB ($463, €330) more than a thousand yuan less than its international price.

There are several factors for why this might be. Number one is lowered costs for Huawei. Selling something that you produce in the country has certain advantages, drastically lowered shipping costs and avoiding any tariffs.

Another reason for Huawei’s variant in price may be due to increased competition from the start. Since the OnePlus One has arguably better specs in  and a much lower price point, it appears other companies have had to adjust accordingly. There isn’t a cell phone price war in many other countries like there is in China. How could Huawei pretend like the Ascend P7 is worth the same as three and some change worth of the OnePlus’ One phone.

They may also be trying to fall more in line with the financial abilities of their customer base.

Preorders for the Ascend P7 start in a matter of course.

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