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Check out some of the top stories from GizChina sites from last week.

If you weren’t already aware, GizChina has is more than just this site, but actually a growing network of websites covering tech news from around the world and in a number of languages, here are some of the top stories from GizChina sites from last week.

Tell us about Zopo India: GizIndia is back in business after a short break and are asking you to give your experiences with Zopo India.

Ugoos S2 Smart TV Box review: review the Ugoos S2 Android smart TV box that turns your TV in to a internet connected multimedia hub.

Gizchina News of the week

E-Vision 16G Zeros tablet: go hands on with the E-Vision Android tablet with hands on photos and more.

THL 5000/4400 caught on camera: posted videos of THL’s two new large batter Android smartphones.

Meizu open Meizumart: We post news about Meizu’s international E-commerce debut. An exciting strategy, but what about those prices?

Keep posted for more tech news this week and keep an eye out for an all new GizChina site in your language coming soon!

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