Samsung to launch Tizen phones in India and Russia in the coming weeks: WSJ

The near-forgotten Tizen project might well be on its way to claiming a new lease of life, if reports are to be believed. While the long-under-development OS did make a reasonable amount of noise some months back, it really didn’t materialize into anything concrete (read: a smartphone launch).

However, the Wall Street Journal claims to have insight from sources close to Samsung, who suggest that the Korea-based maker is on its way to releasing Tizen-powered smartphones in the Russian and Indian markets. There’s no clear timeline as yet, but the words ‘in the coming weeks‘ were mentioned; we believe it shouldn’t translate into anything more than a month.

Tizen, as you might already know, is a Linux-based, open-source operating system developed by Samsung in conjunction with fabrication giant Intell, seemingly to battle the Android uprising. While the OS itself has been around for quite a while, there has been no real smartphone announced that runs Tizen.

A few months back, a Samsung branded Tizen OS smartphone made its way to the FCC. We wonder if it’s the same device we’re talking about here.

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