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Slack alternatives

Since its introduction in 2009, Slack has become one of the best communication platforms for companies. And they may not have succeeded in completely replacing …

uArm Swift

Technologies are advancing all across the board and of course robotics is one of the very progressive and advanced development stuff there is. And now …

CyanogenMod’s Gello is a Chromium based open source browser with a lot of customization options.

Xiaomi bosses have just revealed that the 4 year old company from China is indeed working with Google to put out an Android One phone of their own!

The near-forgotten Tizen OS might well be on its way to claiming a new lease of life, if reports are to be believed.

Looks like its not only China’s govt. backed COS that’s aiming to bring down the Android and iOS duopoly. The WIP project, Tizen seems to be up to the task as well.

A Tizen-powered smartphone with model number SC-03F has managed to secure FCC certification!

FAEA are promoting their open source phones once again with an offer to save $30 on a developer version of the FAEA F2 or FAEA F2S.

One of the issues with Mediatek phones is lack of custom ROM support, but this is slowly changing with the release of more sources codes, the latest of which is the Oppo R819.

Chinese phone maker, and relative newcomer to the phone scene, FAEA have announced that they will release source code for their Mediatek phones and plans on building a CyanogenMod dev team!

Hey phone makers! Do you want to see how you should be treating your fans? Then take a few minutes to watch Oppo’s “Journey to Innovation Video!”

Kernel source codes for the Xiaomi Mi2 turn up on GitHub, custom ROMs coming soon?

Well known developers from around the world including Chainfire, Xplodwild and Dees_Troy have come together to build another aftermarket ROM (or custom ROM) which aims to make the Android operating system more open and user-friendly – the OmniROM.

Xiaomi have promised to release the kernel code to their phones opening up Xiaomi devices to 3rd party ROM developers.

The question put up by Andi, whether Mediatek should embrace GPL (or at least offer more tools to custom ROM devs) can, in my opinon, be easily answered with “Yes”. If you buy a device, its always great to have the opportunity to fiddle around with it and change things. Theres already a lot possible, once you acquire root rights on your Android system, but if the hardware base is open too, the possibilities are even bigger.

We reported a few days ago that the popular open source MIUI Android ROM would be making it’s way on to the Meizu MX today …

The Meizu MX is a fantastic phone and we truly enjoyed our hands one with it earlier this year, but if the previous Meizu M9 …

As you can probably guess, we come across a great deal of shanzhai and knock off products here in China. Some look great, some are …

Xiaomi, the makers of the bargain priced M1 Android smartphone, have decided to release their customized version of Android Gingerbread open source.

With the recent new of HP making its fantastic WebOS operating system open source we now expect a flurry of WebOS tablets to come pouring …